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What Is Intra-firm? Does It Means Affiliate With Local Taxpayers Shares In It?

What is intra firm?

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What Terms Should I Keep While Partnership With A Insurance Company Website?

I am Internet Marketer from India, and I recently started a first website of mine from scratch and it falls under Health/Beauty niche.
Now, Its four months and I got an email from an insurance company (pacificprime.com) saying that they want to be partners with me.
The term they are saying is like they will provide articles, blog posts to post it on my website and in return they are asking for a link to their website. My page rank is 0 and their page rank is 4.
My question is what terms should I demand from them to finalize this deal or how can I make this deal genuine and profitable for me?
And what that company actually wants?
Please Guys help me
That will really be appreciated.

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Is Anyone Familiar With The House Painting-industry?

I would prefer to paint houses, but how is it different working for these niches?
a) natural gas distribution
b) scientific researc
c) electric power distribution
d) postal service
d) federal or local governments

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Are Oxford And Cambridge Affiliated With The Church Of England?

1. Are Oxford University and Cambridge University affiliated with the Church of England or any other religions?
2. What about Imperial College London (ICL) and University College London (UCL)? Are they also affiliated with the Church of England or any other religions?

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What Is This Question Asking About Resource Partitioning With Reef Fish?

This is one of my homework questions but I just can’t understand what it’s asking so I don’t even know how to begin answering it… Can someone break it down for me?
Describe resource partitioning by and the various niches of reef fishes. Consider the fishes at the family level, highlighting at least 10 of the following dominant families: boxfishes, butterflyfishes, damselfishes, eels, filefishes, flatfishes, goatfishes, groupers, hawkfishes, needlefishes and halfbeaks, parrotfishes, porcupinefishes, pufferfishes, surgeonfishes, triggerfishes, trumpetfishes, and wrasses.

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What Does A Ring Tattoo Of A Skull With Wings Mean?

So i know someone who has a tattoo on there ring finger on there right hand. What does this tattoo mean? He was an enforcer in the hessions mc and was affiliated with the hells angels mc. he was also a 1 percenter. He said it was a “death wings” tattoo and it had to do with him being a biker. Thanks for the help.

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