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What Is Intra-firm? Does It Means Affiliate With Local Taxpayers Shares In It?

What is intra firm?

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How Do You Get The Local Media To Show Up To Cover Your Little Protest March?

Tomorrow afternoon in downtown Cincinnati we’re doing a march during rush hour to raise awareness of corporate person hood and its damaging effects.
I’ve already notified a contact within the city newspaper.
How do I get the local TV affiliates out? Don’t they automatically ignore stuff like this?

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What Features Would People Like To See In A Local Social Networking Site?

I’m in the process of creating a new social networking site for my local area that includes Missouri state,counties,cities,etc. I’m investigating some of Facebook’s and Google+’s features as well. Is there anything you feel Facebook,etc. is lacking or needs improvement on? I also want to have a change in the privacy as well as other user options to make site navigation easier for members. Please let me know your thoughts,and as the site grows we would love to expand to other states as well as eventually going nationwide. Also if you feel there is a certain niche of people we should target please let me know. Any support from members here will help us succeed and move forward in development and spread our work to other points in the states. Thanks alot,hope to see your feedback soon.

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Is It Normal For Local Game Shops To Accept Gamestop Credit?

I know of a local game shop and the manager says that they take GameStop credit. Is this something that you’ve seen before? It sounds kinds strange to me. Before you ask, no I do not believe the store is affiliated with GameStop at all.

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Specificially, Where Do You Get Your Information To Decide Who To Vote For In Local Races?

like if you say “I research on the internet” —–Which website? Is it a website affiliated with a newspaper? Is it a website that was published by the campaign?
Do you let newspaper endorsements influence your vote?

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How Do You Make A Complaint About A Radio Disk Jockey’s Comments On The Local Radio Station?

on cbs affiliate Sports Radion 610 am in Houston TX, employee Josh Ennis of the J & R has made offensive comments that need to be addressed.

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