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What Is This Question Asking About Resource Partitioning With Reef Fish?

This is one of my homework questions but I just can’t understand what it’s asking so I don’t even know how to begin answering it… Can someone break it down for me?
Describe resource partitioning by and the various niches of reef fishes. Consider the fishes at the family level, highlighting at least 10 of the following dominant families: boxfishes, butterflyfishes, damselfishes, eels, filefishes, flatfishes, goatfishes, groupers, hawkfishes, needlefishes and halfbeaks, parrotfishes, porcupinefishes, pufferfishes, surgeonfishes, triggerfishes, trumpetfishes, and wrasses.

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Is It Legal Of Someone To Put A Hook In My Mailbox Without Asking?

So someone not affiliated with USPS keeps leaving packets of ads in our front yard. One day, they apparently drilled a hole in my mailbox and inserted a hook into it to put their annoying ad packets on. I took the hook down, so they have resumed just leaving it in my front yard near my mailbox. But what I’m asking is this: Was it legal for them to put the hook in my mailbox, and is there anyway to get them to stop giving me these ad packets? I would leave a note, but there is no pattern to when they come.

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