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What Is This Question Asking About Resource Partitioning With Reef Fish?

This is one of my homework questions but I just can’t understand what it’s asking so I don’t even know how to begin answering it… Can someone break it down for me?
Describe resource partitioning by and the various niches of reef fishes. Consider the fishes at the family level, highlighting at least 10 of the following dominant families: boxfishes, butterflyfishes, damselfishes, eels, filefishes, flatfishes, goatfishes, groupers, hawkfishes, needlefishes and halfbeaks, parrotfishes, porcupinefishes, pufferfishes, surgeonfishes, triggerfishes, trumpetfishes, and wrasses.

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Which Of The Following Scenarios Would Most Likely Lead To Resource Partitioning And Consequently Contribute?

Which of the following scenarios would most likely lead to resource partitioning and consequently contribute to ecosystem stability?
sympatric populations of the same animal species
allopatric populations of species with ecological niches that are similar
sympatric populations of species with ecological niches that are similar
allopatric populations of the same animal species

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Is It Ok To Look Up A Company’s Human Resource Employees And Call Them About My Job Applications?

I’ve been actively searching for full-time work for about 2 years. I work in a very niche field, but have been fortunate to be holding contract work the last two years. I’ve been around the job searching block more than once, but yet again I am looking for more ways to better get my resume to the front of the pile, or even speed up the usually terribly slow hiring process.
My question is.. If I apply for a position online (via online job app or email), is it wrong if I contact the company’s human resources or recruiter employees by phone after creeping up their contact info from the company website, LinkedIn, or other websites where their work phones/emails may be located? Would simply like to call to make a very forward attempt to say “I really want this job” and generally inquire about the position and timeframe for hiring.
I tried calling human resource employees in the past, but had no luck. In fact, I usually was never able to get in touch with them, only getting voicemails, and never getting a callback. When I would bug a front desk to speak with a recruiter, they usually got angry and said they wouldn’t be able to help me….. Is it a good or bad move to call these people after I put in a job application? Would there be a better person to call or email? (Like someone from the specific department I am applying for)

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Can Someone Help Me With My Analogy?

carrying capacity : populations size :: predator : prey ::
a) niche : habitat a) competition : species
b) amount of water : Plant growth b) grazing : herbivores
c) death rate : birth rate c) ants : acacia trees
d) severe weather : density- dependent deaths d) parasite : host
species : population :: limiting resource : carrying capacity ::
a) heart : body a) turtle : pond
b) plants : animals b) sunlight : plant growth
c) cows : herd c) territory : density-independent deaths
d) sunlight : trees d) population growth : parasitism
density : area :: relationship : symbiosis ::
a) dispersion : niche a) evolution : population
b) leaves : forest b) business : partnership
c) growth rate : time c) mutualism : competition
d) habitat : niche d) health : illness
births : positive growth rate :: long generation time : short generation time ::
a) reproduction : extinction a) dogs : cats
b) deaths : negative growth rate b) ants : dog
c) limited resource : exponential growth c) elephants : bacteria
d) niche : habitat d) daisies : trees

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What Are The Future Paths Of The Economies Of Different Parts Of The World?

I have to write a report fro economics about the current and future state of the economies in different parts of the world and I wanted to know if I am missing or am wrong about anything.
This is my understanding:
North America
Canada(where I am from)- Commodity boom from oil and lumber due to demand from China, suffering from Dutch disease and probably won`t improve and will continue becoming China raw materials cow. But, we`ll always be better off.
United States- Up to their eyeballs in debt, manufacturing base is completely gone, high unemployment, large trade deficits however there is some the dumb *** Americans wake up from ignorance and stop the corruption in their government institutions they can rebound in 20-30 years by doing what Germany did which was specialize in niche markets in the manufacturing sector such ( high-end cars) and leave the cheap manufacturing to Asia. They also have abundant some natural resources that they haven`t developed such as natural gas and lumber which they could sell to China. Bottom line: They need to stop fighting China and start selling to China. When they recover they certainly won`t be calling the shots.
Mexico: growing middle class due to their booming manufacturing sector however the oil is drying up and their government is very corrupt so not everyone is benefiting from this economic boom.
Central America- Most of them are not improving except for Cost Rica but that is mostly because tourism which isn`t a stable industry. Panama is enjoying stable growth because of their canal.
South America- Brazil is booming and is member of the BRIC. China loves Brazilian goods and this is a good thing. However, Brazil manufacturing while improving is still small and I don`t see it growing much and will probably stay China`s resource cow for a long time. Argentina is becoming too protectionist so, who knows what will happen to them next.Columbia and Venezuela are also rowing rapidly because of their commodities. Chile and Uruguay are enjoying stable growth and the rest of the South America is impoverished and staying that way.
Europe- All of the countries in the European Union are doomed except Germany and maybe France of course. They have nothing to sell to other countries and are so much in debt and don`t see a silver lining. Germany is smart( as always) and feeding the rich Chinese with their expensive cars.
The UK has nothing to offer and are too dependent on their financial services they are probably doomed to. Eastern Europe while impoverished has hope because of Russia. Scandinavia and Switzerland and Austria are stable as always. Russia selling commodities to China and growing rapidly in the process.
Africa- Probably going to becoming the next China and cheap manufacturing will go there. They are also very resource rich and will probably export commodities to the BRICS.
China- Screw the US, China is the largest economy in the world and is growing rapidly. They dominate global manufacturing and as their customer(North America and Europe) are faltering China is starting to increase its domestic market so, it doesn`t have to rely on exports as much. I see no end to Chinese prosperity but nothing lasts forever. Japan is going through hard times but most of the debt they have is owed to their banks and not foreign countries like the US and Japan is resilient and will probably make it through eventually.Korea is becoming stable selling techonolgy to its neighbours. India is booming by selling services to other countries and I suspect that they will dominate the IT and tech industries in the enextcentury.
Australia: stable mostly because selling minerals to China. It will probably continue.

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From Where Can I Get Bba Ii Panjab University 2011 Question Paper For The Subject Human Resource Management ?

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) 2nd year , affiliated to Panjab University , Chandigarh. Subject – Human Resource Management. april 2011 question paper needed.

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