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What Does A Ring Tattoo Of A Skull With Wings Mean?

So i know someone who has a tattoo on there ring finger on there right hand. What does this tattoo mean? He was an enforcer in the hessions mc and was affiliated with the hells angels mc. he was also a 1 percenter. He said it was a “death wings” tattoo and it had to do with him being a biker. Thanks for the help.

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Gaia Dream Avatar…?

Alright, I have my dream avatar and I’ve already bought the things that I can, however, there are some items that I’ve looked for that I cannot find in the market place/in the stores or I don’t have enough money for them.
These are the items that I cannot find/cannot buy:
– Mammon’s Wings
– Burn Devil Horns
– Secret Retreat
– Alruna’s Rose
Now, I do understand that these are extremely expensive/valuable. I would be willing to pay you for them, however, as of right now I only have 25 gaia cash and 18,522 gaia gold. I could also do something for you in regards to writing and what not. I could write you a poem or a story/whatever you chose. I could even pay you back the full amount in a series of payments.
Anyway, I would really appreciate any help that I can get. Please, if you have it and you don’t use it/don’t really want it anymore consider allowing me to have it.

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Need Help In A La Senza Campaign Idea!?

for my promotions project i need to come up with a campaign that promotes la senza. They want to reposition to a slightly higher market (not trendy, more victoria secret, la perla style) and i needed a great campaign idea! (Like red bull – promote a stimulation drink – “it gives you wings!”) i needed a nice slogan or something i can throw ideas at to get a great campaign running!
Any suggestions will do thank you! =)

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