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What Does A Ring Tattoo Of A Skull With Wings Mean?

So i know someone who has a tattoo on there ring finger on there right hand. What does this tattoo mean? He was an enforcer in the hessions mc and was affiliated with the hells angels mc. he was also a 1 percenter. He said it was a “death wings” tattoo and it had to do with him being a biker. Thanks for the help.

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Im Having My Tattoo Removed By Laser?

I have my consultation done in a couple of weeks I have an arm sleeve with blacks, reds,greens and blues. Does it hurt how many sessions may it take. Has anyone had this that can give me some advise

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Mi Vida Loca Tattoo Only For Mexicans?

I always wanted the mi vida loca under my eye. Though, I am not Mexican, and obviously it is a predominately mexican gang affiliated tattoo. Could someone of a different ethnicity get it? Or is that too strange?

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Will You Be Able To Enlist In The Marines If You Have A Tattoo On Your Wrist?

I have a tattoo of my little sisters name on my wrist, my older brother (he’s in the marines) told me that I wouldnt be disqualified as long as the tattoo isn’t gang affiliated, racist, too big, or inappropriate
Also I need to have a good reason on why I got my little sister’s name tattooed on my wrist (at least I think that’s what he meant) also my tattoo is not big its actually kind of small

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Someone Told Me The Tattoo I Want Is Gang Related??

Let me give you a little background, I stay in Cali in a city called San Jose on The east side also known as ESSJ I was born her and a lot if wonderful things have happened here so I wanna Rep where I’m from to the fullest so in getting Essj tatted on my 4 knuckles now people think I’m a gang member for nortenos (north side) btw I’m a female -.-and my one friend said that getting the tattoo will make south siders REALLY think I am a nortena soo I was wondering because yeah honestly idc I’m still gonna get it because I’m NOT gang affiliated but I’m just wondering! Thanks

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What Do You Think Of These?

These are three females affiliated with the Yakuza. Any suggestions or something I should change? Thanks!
Name: Asami Yukimura
Codename: Red Serpent
A character which is the Leader of the Yakuza members. Kind and caring but Cold and heartless when provoked. Intelligent and plays by her own rules.Has a tattoo of a Red Serpent which is located? (I dont know where I should put their tattoos so mind helping?)
Name: Sayuri Kazama
Codename: Green Dragon
Caring and gentle. Shy around her crush otherwise shes brave and stuff. Strong. Determined and will show no mercy to those who hurt the one she loves. Ordinary member nothing special about her. Tattoo of green serpent located ?
Name: Kameko Toyoshima
Codename: Blue Phoenix
The toughest member in the gang. Familiar with swords and wields a katana. Excellent swordswoman. Gentle and caring by nature but usually hostile and furious. Tattoo of a blue phoenix located?
I also need the locations of the tattoo. Thank you all!

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