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What Terms Should I Keep While Partnership With A Insurance Company Website?

I am Internet Marketer from India, and I recently started a first website of mine from scratch and it falls under Health/Beauty niche.
Now, Its four months and I got an email from an insurance company (pacificprime.com) saying that they want to be partners with me.
The term they are saying is like they will provide articles, blog posts to post it on my website and in return they are asking for a link to their website. My page rank is 0 and their page rank is 4.
My question is what terms should I demand from them to finalize this deal or how can I make this deal genuine and profitable for me?
And what that company actually wants?
Please Guys help me
That will really be appreciated.

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Is There Any Home Insurance Or Any Insurance Affiliate Program Network In Ireland?

Hi, I have a blog, that is all about insurance, specilly home/house insurance in Ireland. Now I like to put some related ads on my blog. I need the company bio who offer insurance affiliation in Ireland. If anyone knows about…Please tell me…I am waiting for your answer.
Thank You.

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Will Asurion Replace A Phone A Day After I Got The Insurance?

I got my phone on black friday, the lady that sold me the phone told me I had to put the insurance on myself because staples does not affiliate with asurion. I put insurance on my phone yesterday and later that very day I leaned against a table while installing a printer for my father and put too much pressure at the wrong angle on my phone. It was indeed after I got the insurance, but I’m not too trustful of companies like asurion, and was hoping someone could give me some reassurance that they will provide me with a new (or refurbished) samsung galaxy s3, or if they decide to think that I put the insurance on after I damaged the phone and not replace it at all. Please help and please be dead honest, thanks!

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What Are You If You Are Neither Fully Liberal Or Conservative?

I find myself to be neither for one side or the other. In fact I’m almost right int he middle. I believe homosexuals should do as they please with no interference from the government. I also don’t believe a universal health care plan (nor do I really think we should have health insurance the way we do.) There are many other examples I can give but I think you get the point. Im am basically right in the middle on most concerns and on many of them my views arnt really even considered on either liberal or conservative sides. What other trains of thought are there besides these two. I know there are more, I find libertarian to be more of an affiliated party than a persuasion.

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Child’s Dr Called And Insulted Me?

My mom is a nurse and has known a pediatrician in the area for years. We tried to take my son there and they made us wait for 3-4 hrs because they had alot of Medicaid patients. We have private insurance & do not like to wait that long with a sick child (can you blame us?). They had people out in the hall laying out there, kids eating in the lobby, kids stepping all over us, so we left. His real pediatrician (and mine as a kid) retired after over 50 yrs of excellent care.
We decided to try what I would call a “yuppy” pediatricians office. They do not even to go the hospital we are affiliated with (my mom works for and my 2nd child will also be born at in early 2013). I filled out alot of paperwork and casually asked the tech on the phone if they took Medicaid. She said no, only private insurance and I said ok good b/c that last one who we went to said they did and there was a long hold up.
I didnt say a word in the office about it I dont think and that pediatrician he saw called me up personally and balled me out about why I asked that question, I was basically in the wrong and they will take it forever and they have to help low income people. The lady said they don’t take it. He told me if I didn’t like it then its not a good fit. We are planning on finding another Dr that isn’t so confrontational about trivial questions . I understand him wondering why I asked that. My mom knows a lot about Medicaid and we just wanted a better clinic than that other one that’s why I asked. Should he have been that nasty and harsh with me and should those girls have played telephone about it? They might not even care that we are leaving.

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Starting A Lettings Agency?

Me and my brother are starting a house/flat lettings agency. We are aiming to target a niche market, the DSS, pets, etc property hunter.
Currently I work as an insurance broker, as such I have a good knowledge of financial obligations that we will need to fulfill.
Really I am only looking for any additional advice that anybody may have, such things as approaching potential landlords, getting them to accept DSS, etc.
Thank you in advance!
(please, no off putting replies, I have decided on the nature of the company and have no doubts about what I am going to aim to accept)

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