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What Is Intra-firm? Does It Means Affiliate With Local Taxpayers Shares In It?

What is intra firm?

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Fellow Canadians, If You May Please Take Your Time To Read This….?

It has been recently brought to my attention that TAXYPAYERS contribute $24.36 for every $1 that an MP puts into their pension account. This totals to around $110.7 MILLION of taxpayer’s money in the last year; money that could very well fund important matters that is otherwise spent making the lives of these greedy politicans more comfortable as already is. In an effort to dump this reprehensible act/ “rule”, I have signed a petition on http://ad.mobilexco.com/ad/71/sms-link/b… in which taxpayers’ contributions should match MP pension contributions ($1 for $1),and it is advisble that you do the same.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, you may visit:http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/canada-po…http://taxpayer.com/issues/federal/fed-r…
NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with the aforementioned hosted parties. This is for the sole purpose of raising awareness about the truly sickening PENSION PLANS of MPs.

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Why Is Rick Santorum Demanding Government Secret Service Protection, And Not Private Security?

I thought privatized security was more efficient? Plus it doesn’t cost taxpayers money.
Does he hate the free market & capitalism? Socialist hypocrite.

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