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Is Anyone Familiar With The House Painting-industry?

I would prefer to paint houses, but how is it different working for these niches?
a) natural gas distribution
b) scientific researc
c) electric power distribution
d) postal service
d) federal or local governments

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Can Anyone Summarize This Case For Me? I’m Reading It And I Just Don’t Understand…?

The Brattle Center (TBC) is a struggling mental health clinic based in Harvard Square. Its founder, Dr. Joan Wheelis, is a nationally recognized practicing psychiatrist who has developed outpatient treatment programs based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD).
DBT requires teams of people with different types of expertise and so the original operating model developed by Dr. Wheelis was one in which TBC was staffed by a large number of part-time clinicians, known as the “affiliate model.” Changes in the health care environment, particularly the advent of managed care, have put very real pressures on this model and the company is now in a state of crisis.
Dr. Wheelis is trying to decide whether and how to keep it going. The key decision is whether to shift to a “staffing model” based on a larger number of full-time clinicians. This will require a larger patient population to make the economics of greater fixed capacity viable.
TBC is trying to decide whether to join the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, which would increase its patient population but at rates much lower than it currently charges by only taking private patients. Dr. Wheelis is also pondering whether to start a non-profit foundation as a way of getting money to support its teaching and training programs, or even making the company a non-profit itself.

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Does Anyone Know Any Flight Schools Affiliated With The Skills Funding Agency For Ppl? Uk?

I am trying to fight my way through the CPL route and will start with my PPL. I have received application forms for a £10k career development loan but am unable to find any flight schools that are linked with this. Please can anyone advise me on any flight schools that are affiliated with the SFA for the ppl?
Thanks in advance

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Anyone Want To Trade Backlinks For Our Websites In The Finance/investments/money Niche?

Let me know what your website is and we can write guestposts with backlinks to each other to help our SEO

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Anyone Want To Find Me A Prom Dress?

I don’t like much sparkle, I wear between a size 2 and 4, I’m not into back cut outs, I’m thinking something pastel and under 200 dollars but more around 125 would be great. I could go long or short.
If anyone does this for me you are the bomb dot com because I can’t look anymore its too exhausting

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Help Me People! Anyone Who Knows Biology?

When ecologist G. F. Gause raised two species of Paramecium (protists) together in laboratory cultures with limited resources, he found that one species (P. aurelia) persisted in his cultures while the other species (P. caudatum) disappeared over time. This is best described as an example of:
Select one:
a. character displacement
b. fundamental niche reduction
c. resource partitioning
d. competitive exclusion
Evolution by natural selection can result in changes in a species’ niche over time.
Select one:
true or false

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