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What Is Intra-firm? Does It Means Affiliate With Local Taxpayers Shares In It?

What is intra firm?

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This Job Means So Much To Me :( Not Doing Well?

I started a new job about 8 mths ago. Educational/school counsellor. At first it was hard, but then I found my niche and the bosses went out of their way to say how much they liked my work. (they had an alterior motive, too I think since the previous person in my job went on stress leave because of them, and the wanted to prove they could look after me). But nevertheless things were good.After coming back from summer hols, I’m not sure but things are not so good. In particular something has come from left field. A student has had some major incidents (they are fine now though) and I have not been working on the case – information was not passed on to me very well and I didn’t pick up the gravity of the situation. After the handover I wasnt’ involved in the case, my slip up mostly. Information about the case was passed to my supervisor from the outside agency that dealt with the student, and she came to help us deal with it. Embarrassingly, she told me in front of my on-site bosses what I had to do and taht it was really important. I feel so caught out. I even said to my bosses that I didn’t know much about the case – I feel so embarrassed as it would have seemed like i was ducking for cover. The boss appears to be covering himself on this issue too. My supervisor is showing she doesn’t trust my work by offering suggestions me on other cases too. I had answers but I feel under scrutiny. It’s as good as a reprimand. I feel so shown up – like my facade is falling down – my reputation changing to that of unreliability.
I feel like I’ve lost my reputation 🙁 So hard to stop ruminating over this and get back on the front foot 🙁
I work in a very high stress job with fairly decent pay – has anyone else been through this? Tips on digging back in despite worries and doubts

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I Am Interested In Doing Ms? If Doing Ms In India Is Best Means Which University Is Best?

i completed my b.tech(it) in anna univ affiliated college,…….

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What Does “hacking Niche” Means? In Which Situation Is Used To Use “niche” ?

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How Do I Find Out The Value Of My Car?

My car is due for it’s Insurance renewal, however rather than going with my current provider I have decided to visit a few price comparison websites first, to see if I can get a cheaper quote. First up I went on confused.com and started filling out all the usual details but then came across the section where they want me to provide a value for my car which has really stumped me.
I know how much I bought the car for and I know that obviously it’s value will have greatly depreciated since, but not being affiliated with the motor trade, how can I possibly ascertain it’s value?
Are there any reliable and trust-worthy websites I can use to make an evaluation?
It would have been good if confused.com provided a means of calculating my car’s value.
I don’t really want make an estimate (although) tempted in case I am well off the mark and end up invalidating my insurance.
What a quandary to be in just to meet the obligation of a law-abiding motorist.
If anyone can help me with this matter,
I look forward to hearing from you

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Ussr Collapse — Us Government Shut Down –no Pay For Soldiers – Are You Drawing Any Conclusions?

It is now openly known that it is the US which imposed a one world currency by the force of arms on the international market strangling oil as a means of dictatorship
It is also known that the dollar is printed out of nothing — and 13 trillion is owed to the central bank in the US and others outside it
Russia and China have been suspending US currency trading so have others as the QE2 signals collapse investors pull out their money
Now the government is shutting down — suspending the pay of soldiers In the USSR this ended up in Russian soldiers so hungry they sold nuclear secrets and materials for food and heat
Are you seeing any similarities

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