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Clickbank Gurus Are Fake Or Real?

I am a clickbank affiliate.Recently i came across various websites,in which the clickbank market gurus claim that if you pay them they will ship you C.D’s containing secrets to earn millions in 30-40 days.
Can anyone tell me these secrets work or not? Have u guys purchased such secrets,Do they work?
Pls tell me!!! I realy wana know!!!

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Internet Advertising Question?

Will COPY below convert or is it very WEAK if so what needs to be changed?
If you think the best moneymaking opportunities on the Internet are already taken, THINK AGAIN!
If you know how to turn on a computer, have Internet access, can click a mouse and follow directions, you run a moneymaking website that can change your life for the better. And we’ll show you how!
Suppose we give you everything you need to create your very own Internet business – a business that can provide you with a substantial second income – or an amazing full time income…
Then you simply sit back, click your mouse and reap the rewards.
Can this be true? YOU BET IT CAN, AND IT IS!
Dear Web Entrepreneur:
Do you dream about running your own Internet business – wishing you had the knowledge to make it happen? If that’s you, this could be the most important information you’ll ever read.
After all, who hasn’t wanted to capitalize on the moneymaking power of the Internet!
And maybe you’re one of those people who have tried to latch on to the Internet moneymaking express, only to jump off BEFORE you made one single penny – because you didn’t have the knowledge to keep going.
Am I talking about you?
RELAX! It’s not too late to join the ranks of Internet moneymakers!
And here’s the most important thing you need to know:
Unlike other moneymaking offers you’ve seen, we’re different. Because WE’LL HELP YOU BECOME A PART OF A SUCCESSFUL MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!
That’s right, “Multi-Billion dollar” industry. The one with all of those zeros behind it!
YES, Risk-Free! Read on…
We’re Part Of A Billion Dollar Industry!
Yes, IDROID 360 is part of the billion-dollar Cell Phone industry – and includes cell phones, computers, digital TV, phone lines and Internet access. And you can grab a piece of the action!
How big is the Cell Phone industry? Well, last year alone, worldwide sales were over $166 BILLION DOLLARS! That’s $166,000,000,000.00
It’s mind-blowing – and you can be a part of it!
Just last month, IPhone sold 1.7 million phones THE FIRST DAY THEY CAME OUT. People were waiting to plunk down $200 – $400 just to have one! And it hasn’t let up since.
Overall, cell phones have seen a 22% increase in sales worldwide from a year earlier. And there’s no slow down in sight.
You can be a part of this phenomenal growth, and best of all; you’ll do it using our step-by-step, easy to follow online training program and robot marketing system!
IDROID 360 is an affiliate marketing program. Which means if you don’t make money, we don’t make money – pure and simple. So we do everything we can to make sure YOU’LL BE SUCCESSFUL in this program!
IDROID 360 is an affiliate marketing program, and here’s what that means for you:
• We’ve done all the hard work and spent all the money creating an incredible
moneymaking, robot marketing system
• You come in, promote cell phone sales on YOUR website, and send people on
over to the product’s sales page using your affiliate link
• The second someone buys the product – you get a commission from that sale
That’s just for starters!
Because once you start recruiting others to sell for you, you’ll get an override commission on their sales.
Making money is that easy!
Ok, you’re probably thinking, “there has to be a catch. I have to sell – and I hate selling!”
Well, before you start worrying about your lack of technical knowledge or selling ability, let us set the record straight: There aren’t any cold calls to make, or any personal selling! There’s no technical knowledge needed! Just look:
Are you a novice to computers? NO PROBLEM!
Despise making sales calls? THERE AREN’T ANY?
Leery of MLM schemes? NO WORRIES – THIS ISN’T ONE!
Worried about expensive advertising? FORGET ABOUT IT!
Afraid of costly monthly fees? YOU WON’T SEE ANY!
What kind of income potential are we talking about? Unlimited! Because every person in the United States is a potential customer!
We can’t make any promises….but…
You’ll earn commissions on every sale – $50 to $100 PER SALE! And you don’t have to worry about keeping track of how much money you’re making, because it’s all automated for you! Every time you IDROID 360 affiliate website makes a sale, your online control panel keeps track of it. To see how much you’re earning, simply check your control panel!
You’ll also get an override commission on sales for everyone you recruit as your affiliate – so the more people you recruit as affiliates, the more money you make!
We’ll even give you up to $1,000 PER MONTH to help you recruit affiliate agents who can sell – putting even more money in your pocket!
How much does it cost to be a part of

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In Terms Of Custom Websites, Which Is The Best Web Design Company?

As the title suggests, I’m in need of a website.
It’s an informational website with affiliate marketing… no e-commerce, which should make things much easier.
That said, which web design companies do you suggest?

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Can You Set An Affiliate Site Up To Market Other Peoples Products For Commission?

A site, only for marketing and selling products others are offering for a commission. Like a mini Amazon without your own warehouse.

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Please Answer It E-business?

4) An online auction such as e-bay has transactions that are predominantly: 4)
A) Business to consumer
B) Consumer to business
C) Consumer to consumer
D) Business to business
E) None of the above
5) A marketing manager considering representation of his or her company on a portal should
A) Estimated cost of customer acquisition
B) Estimated lifetime of portal
C) Audience of site
D) Reach of site
E) All of the above
6) Portals typically: 6)
A) Include news services only
B) Include search engines only
C) Include directory services only
D) Include search engines and directory services only
E) None of the above
7) A portal used by a large, diverse audience is: 7)
A) A communications portal
B) A horizontal portal
C) A vertical portal
D) A geographical portal
E) None of the above
8) A revenue model is typically: 8)
A) One element of a business model B) The main component of a business model
C) B and C D) None of the above
9) Alternative revenue models are: 9)
B) Intranet, extranet, Internet
C) Subscription, affiliate, advertising
D) B2B, B2C, C2C, B2C
E) None of the above
10) is an example of: 10)
A) Sales intermediary B) Search engine
C) Destination site D) Portal
11) A revenue model which involves repeated payments for content or a service 11)
A) Subscription model B) Retail model
C) Affiliate model D) Advertising model

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Reliable Good Paying Affiliate Marketing Sites?

Any good sites out there that I could list their products on my site instead of just linking through an ad.

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