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What Terms Should I Keep While Partnership With A Insurance Company Website?

I am Internet Marketer from India, and I recently started a first website of mine from scratch and it falls under Health/Beauty niche.
Now, Its four months and I got an email from an insurance company (pacificprime.com) saying that they want to be partners with me.
The term they are saying is like they will provide articles, blog posts to post it on my website and in return they are asking for a link to their website. My page rank is 0 and their page rank is 4.
My question is what terms should I demand from them to finalize this deal or how can I make this deal genuine and profitable for me?
And what that company actually wants?
Please Guys help me
That will really be appreciated.

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What Company Blog Would You Recommend For Monitizing?

Which blog site would be ideal for making a little money from ads from having a niche blog if it too over time?

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How Can I Use A Trademarked Logo Of A Popular Company Legally?

Is there a way I can put a trademarked logo of a popular company on something I intend to sell as kind of a parody? Can I just include a disclaimer stating that I’m not affiliated or associated with the company? If not, what can I do to make it legal if at all possible?

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I Received A Mail From A Affiliate Company In Canada, Informing Me That That They Have Made A Digital Fund Tra?

And I bet they want some personal data to verify the transfer, don’t they? If you were expecting it, then they already have the necessary data. So this doesn’t pass the smell test.

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Ho Do I Promote My Game Company?

I am making a game studio called Arasen studios and i am trying to go around the internet promoting it but it has not been working well.

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Is Company Affiliation The Right Solution Here?

I found a company (outside my country of residence) that has made a very good product. The products are rather expensive and purchasing them is extremely capital intensive. It is so capital intensive that I originally considered project finance but I realized this was not a good option for me.
Now I am considering working in affiliation with the company to resolve this issue. Can I approach them with the offer to work with them as an affiliate so that they can supply me with their products? The cost of their products will be realized over time. Additionally, the benefits for them will be the long term ROI they will benefit from the affiliation. Will this work? Is going into an affiliation with them the right solution? Or is company affiliation not meant for this sort of thing?
Also if I work in affiliation with them will their company be the parent company and have control over mine?
Please advise

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