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What’s With The Imdb Spam On All Of My Pages (firefox)?

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was a little IMDB notification icon on my Facebook next to my Friend Request icon, Messages icon and Notification icon. It’s always lit up (as if I have a notification) and when I click on it it’s just an advertisement for watching tv and movies online. Then I noticed that it was on Google as well! Right under the Search Bar there is an ad that says ‘Exclusive: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows using IMDb’. It’s also on YouTube.
It’s extremely annoying and I can’t find any way to get rid of it (Googling anything to do with ‘IMDB’ only yields results for different films).
Can someone tell me what it is, how it got onto all of my computer, how I get rid of it, and is it even affiliated with IMDB (because it doesn’t seem like them to infect people’s computers with this virus-like thing)?

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Help Me With Ad Marketing (get Money For Each Click On Your Link)?

Hi guys,
So i want to start Making money from the internet. I have tried the thing called affiliate marketing where i chose a product and i would get a certain % of the sales. But now i heard about something where you promote a link and whenever someone clicks on the link / ad you get like 0.001 € per click. Now i have never tried it and i dont even know what it is called so my questions are:
1. Is there a thing like this?
2. If there is; What is it called?
3. If there is; Do you have a guide where i can learn how to do this in the most effective way. ¨
Thanks a lot

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How Can Obama Go To War With Germany, If He Blows 7 Billion Of Our Tax Dollars In Africa?

I think that one War with Germany was enough. Secondly, the 15 billion that Arkansas City Bill Clinton blew in Africa went to Marxist despots and criminal rebels who used the money for drugs, rape, weapons, murder, arson, forced female circumcision and killing of Rhinos and Elephants for the international ivory market.
Germany said on Monday if media reports of large-scale U.S. spying on the European Union were confirmed, it would be unacceptable Cold War-style behaviour between partners who require trust to forge a new transatlantic trade area.
“If it is confirmed that diplomatic representations of the European Union and individual European countries have been spied upon, we will clearly say that bugging friends is unacceptable,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert.
“We are no longer in the Cold War,” he said.
Berlin felt surprised and “alienated” by the reports and had conveyed this to the White House and Merkel would speak to U.S. President Barack Obama directly about the issue soon, he said.
Fury among America’s allies over former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations of secret surveillance programmes were exacerbated this weekend by a German magazine report that the NSA had tapped communications at EU offices in Washington, Brussels and at the United Nations.

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Help With Accessorizing?

Hello everyone. Now I’ve decided that I’m definitely wearing this dress to my boyfriend’s graduation:http://www.nastygal.com/product/metallic…
I need help with accessorizing it though. I’d like to wear a blazer, but I don’t know what cut or color. I also don’t know what type of shoes I should wear. If anyone could give me links to a cute blazer, shoes, and jewelry to go with this dress it would be greatly appreciated.

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Please Help Me With This Sentence?

Tryst: an appointment, as by lovers; to meet. In Scotland the word refers to a market, but the Old French triste (hunting rendezvous) suggests that the Gallic hunters were not always after wild game.
a. The trysting place at the college remained a guarded secret among the fraternity members.
b. Martha came home very late from the tryst, bleary-eyed but happy.
Source: 601 Words you need to know, Fourth Edition
by Murray Bromberg and Julius Liebb, Printed in
the US (New York), unit1, lesson 9 (Time on Our Hands), page 41.
What does this (Gallic hunters were not always after wild game) mean in the text I have posted?
I can’t understand it especially (after wild game) makes no sense to me.
Would you please clarify it to me?
Thank you.

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Why Is That In The Us, Politicians Affiliate Their Politics With Religion?

I don’t know why this often happens over and over again, its just simply stupid. Plus, politics are not so good anyway.
I’m a liberal Christian (and was happy that the LGBT marriage got approved), but I don’t trust either parties, Republicans or Democrats. I would often parody them as their animal symbols; Elephants, dignified but strict, intolerant of nonsense, afraid of mice (metaphorical) and drunk (on power or anything else). Donkeys, humble but stubborn, ridiculous, slow and foolish.
This is why I don’t like to involve my beliefs in politics, politics always corrupt. In fact the word comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to tell tales that aren’t true’

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