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Affiliate Marketing Question?

I been doing alot of research and Im thinking about getting into it. I realized it takes alot of work and success wont happen over night. But I recently ran into this comment someone left on youtube and seems to me like it would work and create sales pretty easy. Too good to be true? whats wrong with this strategy?
“Make money using click bank use following steps-
1.Go signup with click bank.choose best product you like in marketing section and get affiliate link
2.Signup StudAds.com as advertiser & advertise your affiliate link
That is all what everyone is doing to make money with Click bank
As you pay $1 for 500 visitors in which you get 5-10 sales, each sale commission about $20?
so you get $100-200 for each $1 you spend on advertising
Spend $100 you will endο»Ώ making about $10,000 to $20,000”

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Help On Buying A Domain Name?

I want to buy a domain with ‘.com’ and i want my website to be fast as it will be having more than 500 pages on it.
So, i want to buy a domain with:
– larger space
– speed
– no problems on server
So, from where should i buy my domain name?
Please clear if you think that i have any misconception regarding this domain thing.
I just want to create a quality website for google adsense and affiliate marketing on a cms platform.
Please suggest me as i am new to this field πŸ™

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What Is The Best Plan For Google Adsense?

I want to create a niche website for google adsense, please tell me the best plan for it.
When i say ‘plan’ i mean:
-what seo practices?
-Should i use a static website or a cms one?
-How to place ads for best results?
-Can adsense and affiliate marketing work together?
-And what things can harm my site?
-and all the other brief information in need to know?
Please guys i am stuck here πŸ™
Will be very thankful for the help. πŸ™‚

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Advertising Affiliate Marketing On Twitter?

Okay, so I have the concept of advertising on twitter, which was the simple part, but how do you go about getting a decent user name?
Let’s say I was advertising for Nike, I wouldn’t just have a twitter account that said @nikerunning… That already exists… So how should I go about changing the name to something that works, selling what I’m selling, and not copying Nike?
(By the way, I’m not advertising Nike, just an example).
Anything helps!

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What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?

I saw many affiliate marketing training programs, which is the best in your opinion?
1) Affilorama
3) PPC classroom
4) Wealthy affiliate
6) market samurai
7) SBI

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How Can I Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Earnings ?

I want to know details about amazon affiliate marketing .

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