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I Want To Have My Videos Monetized But Don’t Want To Make An Adsense Account?

I have heard that people can clickbomb you and get your account disabled for invalid clicks and that’s what I’m worrying about. Is there a way you can limit clicks or stop the clickbombing? Are there alternative things to Adsense?
Also can you make money on YouTube without ads?

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Earn Money Online : How I Can Protect My Adsense Account?

I have created a site that contains SEO, Works at home tips, Marketplace Study, Forex Trading, Data Entry, Outsourcing, Google Adsense, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Computer Troubleshooting & Download. I have got adsense also. Before that my adsense account has been disabled for 2 times. I am so much tensed when my account again will be banned? Can u suggest me how I can protect my adsense account? Please visit the site and suggest me http://e-aiman.blogspot.com/ Thanks.

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I Want To Earn Money With Adsense. Which Niche Should I Use?

It is to mention that I am a programmer and don’t enjoy writing articles

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Can Anybody Give Me Some More Information About Google Adsense On Youtube Videos?

Do you need a special account on Youtube for that? Is there a specific type of videos to upload if you have affiliated your account with Adsense? Or you could still upload whatever you want?!?
And how do you get paid?I mean based on what? On a certain number of views?

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Help On Buying A Domain Name?

I want to buy a domain with ‘.com’ and i want my website to be fast as it will be having more than 500 pages on it.
So, i want to buy a domain with:
– larger space
– speed
– no problems on server
So, from where should i buy my domain name?
Please clear if you think that i have any misconception regarding this domain thing.
I just want to create a quality website for google adsense and affiliate marketing on a cms platform.
Please suggest me as i am new to this field 🙁

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What Is The Best Plan For Google Adsense?

I want to create a niche website for google adsense, please tell me the best plan for it.
When i say ‘plan’ i mean:
-what seo practices?
-Should i use a static website or a cms one?
-How to place ads for best results?
-Can adsense and affiliate marketing work together?
-And what things can harm my site?
-and all the other brief information in need to know?
Please guys i am stuck here 🙁
Will be very thankful for the help. 🙂

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