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How Can I Get More Followers On Twitter Without Paying For It Or Signing Up For Twitter Promoting Things?

I just wanna get more followers! It seems like the only time I gain a few followers is if I tweet A LOT! And even then it seems like I lose them after a couple days. Help?

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I Am Looking For Advice On Marketing 2 Fitness Services On Facebook And Twitter. They Have 2 Different Niches?

I have to services that i wish to market as stand alone services. Although they relate to fitness, they are 2 different niches. I have one website domain name that i am currently utilizing for one of the fitness services. I do not have a domain name for the other service. I plan to market all of the services via social media and email marketing. I do not have the budget to establish another website for the additional service.
How do i market both services on social media platforms effectively without combining them and confusing one with the other?
I welcome all suggestions!

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Advertising Affiliate Marketing On Twitter?

Okay, so I have the concept of advertising on twitter, which was the simple part, but how do you go about getting a decent user name?
Let’s say I was advertising for Nike, I wouldn’t just have a twitter account that said @nikerunning… That already exists… So how should I go about changing the name to something that works, selling what I’m selling, and not copying Nike?
(By the way, I’m not advertising Nike, just an example).
Anything helps!

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How To Get More Traffic And Increase Ebay Sales ?

I am searching ebay secrets and I am learning new things about ebay more and more every day. I am very glad to share my writing about ebay with you. There are many ways to promote your ebay store.Increasing ebay sellings need systematic work on internet.I share some of them below about getting more traffic on ebay sellings.
1-Keywords are important on ebay product listings. Buyers find the items with keywords. You should use
useful words in your title.Search the hot trends www.google.com/trends it may effect your words choice in your title and also product choice.You can take a look at see the popular terms on http://keyword.ebay.com
2-You can either use one of the free keyword tools such as Google’s keyword Tool or better still use a
keyword tool like Ad Word Analyzer which allows you to analyse your keywords in much more detail.
3-You can submit your product feed file to Google Base.
4-Useful links for you :
SearchEngineWatch.com Search http://www.searchenginewatch.com/links/index.php
Google AdWords Overview https://adwords.google.com
Overture Overview http://www.content.overture.com
5-Social media is very effective for promoting your ebay store. You can create fan pages on Facebook
and Twitter with using your store name ,store link and store products .
6-You can create you online video and post it on youtube,myspace with using your store name and link. If
you aren’t good at making a video, make a PowerPoint or Flash Slideshow file instead, then convert it to
a video file using a third party utility or plug-in.
7-You can also use squidoo,pinterest,linkedin,craigslist,Ki… etc to promote your ebay store
8-I read many writings about get more traffic on ebay .They always connect ABOUT ME PAGE . You
should describe your store clearly on about me page.
9-Use Ebay discussion board with using your store’s name is included in your signature.
10-You can create your blog ,articles or web site and then link it your store .You can create your free blog
with blogger or wordpress ,You can write some articles on ezinearticles.com,etc. or you can join online
forums .You can join yahoo answers.
11-Use Ebay store marketing tools email marketing, a customized listing header, promotional flyers,
cross-promotions, and RSS feeds.
12-You can submit your store’s new URL to search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
The following are links to the site submission pages for several of the major search engines:
· Google: http://www.google.com/addurl.html
· MSN: http://free.submit-it.com/msnsubmit.htm
· Yahoo!: http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/
· All The Web: http://www.alltheweb.com/help/webmaster/submit_site.html
· AltaVista: http://addurl.altavista.com/
13- You can benefit from paid search ,mobile marketing and Podcasting and Online Radio
I hope this will help us 🙂 Good Lucks by ”LIKEMYHOUSE”

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How Can I Make My Blog More Popular?

I started my own personal Video Gaming & Entertainment blog site called Tauri33 Gamer (http://tauri33gameblog.com) about 6 months ago (the beginning of July 2012). I post as often as I can, but with my full-time job and my family, I mainly am able to maintain this blog on a part-time basis, but would like to be able to work on it full-time. Is there any advice on how I can make my blog more popular? I do get an average of about 200 to 400 views per day, but I don’t seem to get any blog followers. I feel like I am providing quality content and I try very hard to post several posts (somewhere about 2 to 6 per week). I have options available for following the blog by email updates, Twitter, and RSS Feed. Also, is there a way I can make my blog more profitable? I am currently an affiliate partner with such companies such as Amazon.com, Entertainment Earth, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, & Apple iTunes. I also have a Google AdSense account. I have links on my site, but no one seems to be interested in using them. I am hoping to generate revenue with these affiliate links so I can eventually transition my time on maintaining my blog from part-time to full-time. I also would like my blog to become a respected resource of information for the video gaming industry as well as for television & movie news and updates.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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How To Message A Girl I Think I Creeped Out ?

Hey guys, questions like this may have been asked but this one is slightly different (sorry for length).
Im in university in Canada in third year now and during first year in residence there was this girl on my floor who I thought was quite awesome (high grades, scholarships, social, attractiveness etc…) but never really got to know her too well. We did chat in person now and then and on facebook exchanging birthday wishes (I usually start the convo.) and such over second year summer and the summer just now, although we did lose real contact for much that time.
She’s now is in our schools affiliated business school’s reputed program where I plan on applying this year. About a month ago, I saw her at the school rec. center but didn’t meet her and fb msg’d after saying I saw you there, how are things etc.. and she replied well and I talked to her about her summer jobs and stuff she did (that she posted on fb) and sent another message saying I wasn’t being creepy and she replied no worries and thought I said we should meet up with all other floor mates as well. I finally said that we never got to know each other and we’ll hopefully bump into each other and good luck with your year and ended the convo. (these were private fb messages, not wall posts).
She does have many friends and is social on fb (about 800?) and reallife. About two weeks ago she posted her twitter account link on fb and asked people to follow her to which I did reply ‘lol twitter(i think)’. I remembered and saw that post yesterday again and used my old twitter account (that I never used and coincidentally for the timing) and followed her (she had many about 100 followers) and tweeted to her that its my first follow on twitter and hope to learn how it works and expand my network esp with the students at the business program which I really meant and intend to do.
Next day (now two days ago), she blocked me on twitter and facebook (same username on both accounts). I think I creeped her out now and I really never meant to and want to apologize. But aside, one thing is that I myself am determined and hardworking and ambitious (if she remembers my grades from first year) like she seems to be but I’m not too popular.
Now, I have her mobile number from a while back from her fb post before the block which I think is still her recent one and don’t know if and how to text her. Or should I make another twitter account and apologize, but everyone will be able to see it. Or should I make another fb account and private message her (obviously letting her know its me).
Which is proper and how should I go about apologizing and when should I apologize (been two days now) and ask her if its ok to renetwork simply for connections, as I really want to get to know her ?
Thanks guys, sorry for the repost, really waiting for some good suggestions.

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