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Best Way To Start Day Trading?

I am a a teenager looking to trade stocks as a hobby. I decided to go with day trading as my choice of investments because I dont have the patience for a long term investment and my plan is to only do a couple of trades a day. Come out with a small profit. And have a clean slate the next day. Or maybe something a bit longer over the summer.
But I would like to know how to start. Just assume I dont know anything. Can someone recommend me a couple of books that i can read to
A. Learn about the stock market, how it works, and know about the processes inside and out
B. Learn how to analyze stocks and have a strategy for day trading
C. Some good sites that can offer some good stock options to start analyzing
List as many books as you want. Preferably stick to about 2 books, and ( I doubt it) if possible 1 book
Just a reminder- I want to stick to day trading.

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What Is The Best Business To Start Up?

I have been frantically researching into opening a business for over a year along with saving. I need help in deciding on a niche market though to give my business a good chance of success, any suggestions will be appreciated thanks. Have you been looking for something you cant find etc.

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When Does The Next Season Of Bates Motel Start?

and is it any way affiliated with the movie sycho?

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Why Do People Start Rumors ?

I don’t get it. So I worked at Walmart for 6 months had acquaintances there, quit then worked at Walgreens and also quit after a bit. Just trying to find my niche really. But people are spreading rumors at my old job that I stole $600 from Walgreens and was fired from both jobs! I’m like omg! I would be in jail! Then there’s this old woman that is saying I am behaving wrong for being married. Ok since when is it a crime to talk to people without being judged ? They tell u to be a friendly associate! Ugh ! I don’t get it. I just wanna understand what makes humans tick . Why do they spread rumors?

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

I am new to affiliate marketing so, please suggest me good affiliate websites where I can start affiliate marketing.

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19 Year Old Interested In Stock Investing Where Do I Start?

i have about $8000 something saved from working (make $8.25 an hour) and i calculated how much i’m set to make this year and it’s around $10,000 – $13,000. so i can have about $20,000 – $22,000 saved at age 20. I want to learn how the stock market works before I can play with the big boys. Any books I can read that will inform me about stock investing, etc? Any advice from YOU is welcomed!

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