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How Can I Report When A Website Publishes My Information Without My Consent?

made a comment on Los Angeles times but I deleted it and I was surprised to find that the whole article along with everybody’s comment has been screenshot and published. I just send them an email to let them know that I want comment removed from but what if thy don’t? I think they’ll have to delete the whole article with everyone elses comment but I’m not sure. Anyway what can I do if they don’t delete it? I feel my privacy has been breached

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How To Join Kevin Trudeau’s Global Information Network (gin)?

This is question primarily for members of GIN. Is there any membership available that is between the status of affiliate and that of full membership?
I was thinking of joining, but while I might be able to afford the initiation fee, my financial situation doesn’t allow me to pay 150 $ every month. Therefore, is there any kind of membership where you just pay a one-time fee without further regular financial obligations?

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College Information (colleges In Cali Or Study Abroad Programs)?

so, im starting to look at colleges and my guidance counselor at school wants everyone to do this paper thing to see if we really should go to that college, (best benefits, etc).
im checking out colleges in California because i really want to be away from Connecticut as possible. im interested in 1)Modeling (preferably for people who photograph “alternative” styles) .. maybe professionally and 2)photography.
The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco appealed to me, but there’s some questions that i couldn’t answer that i HOPE someone can on here.
ALSO,recommendations for colleges that offer study abroad programs that offer modeling and/or photography classes
1)do you have to take the ACT test?
2)what is the average GPA of a student to get into this college?
3)student life activities that go on at this school (sports,clubs,etc)
4)skills and abilities for photojournalism or photography in general
5) typical tasks of this career
6)most common work activities affiliated with this career choice
also, any colleges in So Cal or maybe Northern Cali that offer the career path of modeling??
i know im probably asking a lot but any help would be truly grateful.
ill love any of you that can help me xD
please and thankkk youu♥

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Want How-tos And Detailed Information On Niche Site Building And Outsourcing?

Hello People,
I am a newbie Internet Marketer from India and I am much into my Dad’s Business as well.
So I don’t have much of my time I could put in my IM work, I just wanted to built Niche Sites or Authority Sites and monetize it with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Ad Space and other major monetization plans that fit in my criteria.
My plan is to get the keywords researched – outsource the content – Build up the site – Outsource the SEO.
I know this is purely possible but I don’t know some crucial stuff involved in it.
But I researched about this to get the detailed information but I got nothing or scamy stuff.
So, I know there are very experienced people here on YA! Who definitely know about what it takes.
So, is there any genuine place on the web where I can find all this information regarding building and outsourcing and monetizing it or anyone here who could help me on this.
A Little help would really be appreciated.
Thanking you

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Should Banks Share My Personal Information?

What benefits, if any, would I earn if I allow my bank to share my personal information and my credit worthiness to their affiliates and non-affiliates?

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Want Information About Building & Configuring A Niche WordPress Site?

Hello Guy,
I am a newbie into building wordpress sites, I want to build these websites for google adsense and affiliate marketing and for that i want to build and configure my theme, plugins, pages and all other requirement for niche websites. I tried to find all info about this online but i get nothing.
So, do you guys know any place where the whole step by step A-Z information is provided?
A little help would really be appreciated.

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