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Wealthy Affiliate Training Vs IMMACC Training

The Wealthy Affilate training center is was recently mentioned to me in a conversation with a friend, while we were discussing methods of learning about internet marketing. Since we had already been discussing iMMACC, Internet Marketing Mentoring and Training Center, I thought I would follow up and look into doing a review between these 2 centers.

Many people are already aware of Big Ticket to Wealth, because the company has been around for about 3 years. However recently, they morphed into iMMACC, undergoing a name change or brand identity update, in order to more completely reflect it’s ongoing approach to teaching and mentoring internet marketing. The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center features an archived video library filled with over 700 hours of training tutorials on marketing instruction as well as a complete how-to-method regarding starting a business or maintaining a business through marketing efforts. All of the training is online through videos and webinars, although there is one-on-one mentoring via telephone as well,

Wealthy Affiliate also offers online training with pre-recorded video tutorials,e-books, and downloads, This company claims that the student will have access to over 500 hours of tutorials, and they advertise something about one-on-one coaching, however their website did not explain what that is exactly or how much the student can expect. Since the company is run by just 2 individuals named Kyle and Carson, the logical question any prospective student would ask is “how much one-on-one time will I get”. After all, they bill themselves as “the #1 internet marketing community”, and they claim to have helped over 25,000 people, yet it would be difficult for only 2 individuals to personally instruct that many students.

The primary difference between these 2 companies is that iMMACC offers a built in turn key business opportunity, with an opportunity to earn money immediately, and Wealthy Affiliate does not. In order to utilize Wealthy Affiliate, you must already have an ongoing business opportunity with a website, which you then attempt to market. On the other hand, IMMACC sets you up in business from day one as well as trains you how to operate and market that business.

As with any business opportunity, you should always look at the pros and cons, as well as research backgrounds of companies, as well as look into alternatives. Anytime financial risk is involved and a cash outlay if required, sift through the advertising clutter and smooth sales talk, and ask for references of successful customers or members.

Rick James is a human relations and support specialist for internet marketers as well as a trainer for individuals who wish to begin the process of learning how to earn money as an MLM executive, stay-at-home mom, or internet business owner. To begin your training and earn while you learn visit: http://www.rickjamesinfo.com

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Affiliate Marketing Training The Right Way With The Right Tools

One of the most common problems that Affiliate Marketers come up against is that of getting the right information and quality training. This is the first and most crucial step in becoming successful and becoming a wealthy affiliate.

Information overload? Out of date information? No support? Getting told to buy expensive tools? (that are very often owned by the person telling you this!) Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well never mind all that because I can tell you where you can bypass all of this and get quality, constantly up-to-date information, all the tools you EVER need at NO cost (including FREE unlimited web hosting), fantastic training and award winning support.

When you decide to train using the Wealthy Affiliate program, you are never left to fend for yourself. You can receive personal support from Kyle and Carson, visit a forum full of like-minded people all ready to help, or get the coaching you need to make you business the success you have always dreamed of it being.

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate, you are given total access to the entire community of affiliates, so that you can ask questions, discuss marketing with others, and use the system like an online office. Asking questions using the forum will give you the answers you are looking for in minutes. As you grow a huge database of knowledge, you can then help others just starting out, to learn everything they need to be as successful as you have become.

The Wealthy Affiliate allows you to make real relationships with people who think like you, allowing you to get the most out of your Internet business. You can even make your very own blog that details the progress you are making, or discusses different marketing topics. You can make a Buddy list that will let you interact and take part in your friend’s actions as well.

The Wealthy Affiliate program also has plenty of experts that are always monitoring and checking to make sure each training category is always updated. You can reach each expert personally if you have any questions.

Some of the tools you are given when you sign up with the Wealthy Affiliate are:

Site Rubix Website Builder- This makes building a website simple and stress free
Keyword research tool- The best way to find all of the best keyword to insure your online success
NicheQ Research Reports- You are given highly detailed reports, and awesome resources, so that finding the most profitable niches is as easy as can be.
Wordpress Express 1 minute unlimited site builder and unlimited web hosting

The Wealth Affiliate program gives you every tool needed to get you making money on the Internet.

This really is the answer. It has worked and is still working for me and it will for you too. For a little more information take a look at my Affiliate Marketing site. If you do go on to sign up you will get all the tools, training and support you will ever need in order to make money on the internet and become a wealthy affiliate.

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Doug Champigny – Captain Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Training

Doug Champigny – Captain Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Training
from Captain Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Training
Price: USD 0
View Details about Doug Champigny

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What’s The Best Affiliate Market Training Program To Join In 2013 As A Newbie? No Scams Please..?

please dont invest your money firstly if you a newbie
but invest on your time and effort to learn and learn.
This is more stabble for long term.
Then, after try to implement your new knowledge
you an invest for more advance program
turst me, many training program is just rehash from internet article everywhere.
You can get all this program for free on forums

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What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?

I saw many affiliate marketing training programs, which is the best in your opinion?
1) Affilorama
3) PPC classroom
4) Wealthy affiliate
6) market samurai
7) SBI

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Has Anyone Ever Been Contacted By Michele Veid From Medrep Source Staffing?

She reports to be a medical device recruiter. However, once you answer her questions, she sends this email back:
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. Medical devices companies are looking for professionals who can sell but also understand and possess some industry knowledge. So it is important for you to understand how vital it is to show some kind of medical sales vocational training or education to qualify for opportunities. For your information, the industry recommends a few programs for entry level applicants and the top 2 are the RMSR Certification www.medicalsalescareer.com or the MSC Training www.medicalsalescollege.com program. I hope this helps and have a good week.
Michele Veid, MedRep Source Staffing www.recruitmedicalreps.com
It seems as though she is somehow affiliated with the company that charges for some bogus training program. I have medical sales experience and recruiting experience in medical device and have never come across a company requiring this certification. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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