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*deep Breath* Now Lets Talk About High School?

Ive been homeschooled for five years and now im going back into regular school. I will be a freshman in high school. I’m social sometimes and super shy other times. My only friends are my cousins (pathetic right?). And im scared and excited about high school.
What im asking from you is to answer every question of these i have that you can:
How can i look my age? Seriously, i look twelve. I went to my cousins school today and every girl my age looked way older than me.
How can i meet new people without being weird? I will obiously want friends.
Is the school work REALLY hard? Because i want to be in honors.
(Embarassing question) How do i meet boys and not act akward around them? I always feel akward around boys my age. And, well, i might want a boyfriend.

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Creative Writing Mfa? As Opposed To Non-creative Mfa?

Lets go over the pros and cons of a creative writing mfa.
First, “creative writing” is almost a redundancy, considering that all writing in itself is creative, whether fictive, poetic, or instructional. In essence, you may as well be getting a degree in “creative thinking,” seeing that all writing is more mental than syntactic, regardless of affective stylistics and the like.
All degrees or majors in academia require some level of creative thought, though we dont say we are majoring in “creative philosophy,” or “creative chemistry,” or “creative arts,” because its impled that they’re all creative.
Next, people always say that ‘it gives them a chance to devote a few years to reading and writing,’ as if they didnt have time before they started the mfa degree? Usually if you write and read, you do these whenever you are not working or gaining experience than may better serve your ability to write than writing itself. Its almost as if people need the officiality of the degree to either validate their efforts, or to materialize their desires – both of which are bad reasons to begin with.
Heres are some ‘creative’ facts about the mfa. For one, most mfa programs were started by other mfa graduates because they could not do anything else with their creative writing. You certainly cannot find work in other non-creative outlets, other than working in a bakery or waiting tables, or working for people who are evidently not creative.
So what is the real import of a creative writing degree? Besides pretension and narcissism?
Im not sure? It seems like a really really really bad idea in the 21st century. Basically niche poetry and prose and fiction is for other writers, but usually other writers are so blinded by egotism and self-reference that they cant appreciate other writing. Its a strange situation. I was going to apply to a bunch of mfa programs but after reading various college publications and examples of what they claim is ‘good,’ I went to law school instead.
Basically, I just want to know why anyone would want to subject themselves to this hyper-pretensious form of academia? And why should anyone take someone with a creative writing degree seriously considering the absolute garbage that is published today.

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Please Help What Should I Do?

Very long story, summed up.
So a few years ago a friend of mine and his brother had some rough family life and ended up living with us. Lets call them K and J. At the time J was still a minor (a month away from being 18) so for a while he was in the social services thingy and they determined it best for him to live with us since his brother (K) was already with us, plus he could go to the same school and all. AFter he lived with us for about 10 or so days we went to an outing out of town that we were all a part of. J hadn’t been affiliated with the group because his mom was nuts (that’s part of the family issues of theirs). For no reason during the outing J accused my dad of molesting him. It def never happened-I was there. But there was a police investigation and no charges were ever filed. But it was a living hell for a long time. That was all 3 years ago.
Here’s my dillema. If I have a single enemy in the world it would be J, and I think I’m justified in feeling that way. A good friend of mine (call her S) is now dating J. Her and J were friends years ago in high school and he treated her like crap and they bounced between being friends and hating each other. She knows about how he lied about that stuff 3 years ago. My and S are good friends but we havent talked, texted, or anything since she told me she was dating him. I really think that I miss her in my life. But I kind of feel betrayed. It’s messing with me. what should I do? please help.

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