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*deep Breath* Now Lets Talk About High School?

Ive been homeschooled for five years and now im going back into regular school. I will be a freshman in high school. I’m social sometimes and super shy other times. My only friends are my cousins (pathetic right?). And im scared and excited about high school.
What im asking from you is to answer every question of these i have that you can:
How can i look my age? Seriously, i look twelve. I went to my cousins school today and every girl my age looked way older than me.
How can i meet new people without being weird? I will obiously want friends.
Is the school work REALLY hard? Because i want to be in honors.
(Embarassing question) How do i meet boys and not act akward around them? I always feel akward around boys my age. And, well, i might want a boyfriend.

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  1. Emil Gräslund says:

    Nice to know you’re excited at least. I was home-schooled up until high school but with no previous school experience. I was a nervous wreck. This will sound super cheesy, especially from a 22 year old guy, but your best shot for an awesome high school experience is to be yourself. You’ll usually get that great niche of friends in sophomore year or earlier if you’re lucky. Now that that’s out of the way:
    #1 – You never want to try and look older. In about 10 years you’ll be trying to look younger anyway. If you’re worried about being bullied ask your parents for self defense lessons (best thing for a dad to hear his daughter say – in the case of my sister).
    #2 – Meeting new people comes automatically. From sitting at the only lunch table that doesn’t scowl at you to the friendly geek next to you in class and beyond. Trying to rush friends is a way to make the wrong ones (I did that and had to shake a few people in my sophomore and junior year). It also becomes easier when you, again, be yourself!
    #3 – Although it varies from home-school to home-school, typically you’ll be smarter than everyone else or just as smart; maybe even a grade higher. In my experience that’s how it was for me. (All of my friends said every home-schooled kid they knew was “super smart”, so it seems to be a fairly accurate statistic). Don’t worry about the school and just apply yourself, it’s also the easiest thing about high school.
    #4 – Can’t exactly help you there but I’m a guy so this might help. Everything depends on the guy you’re trying to talk to. Observe him. Maybe once you get used to the place you’ll have friendly teachers to ask, most of them will help you out believe it or not. Never listen to your guy-friends about other guys (their input is very biased – they might like you). Don’t rush things either. I realize that most of this advice sounds like an after school special or your parents or whatever, but it’s because they’re right. And besides, worrying about boys now is like you worrying about college. It’ll come eventually, and it’ll just be more to think about when it does.
    Which brings me to this last bit: Listen to your parents if they care about you at all. They may not know what it’s like for you personally but no one does. You never want to find yourself looking back with a list of high school regrets. Which brings up another point: Take chances on opportunities (NOT ON PEOPLE). Try out for the cheer-leading, soccer, team, heck maybe even the football team (I don’t judge). A fun and fulfilling life has a it’s fair share of embarrassing moments, and your at that age where taking a chance won’t waste your time, it’ll grow you up (take advantage while you still can). Embarrassment is very bad in the moment but you’ll look back and laugh about it; it makes you a well rounded person.
    So that’s all I’ve got based on what you gave me. A lot of the stereotypical advice probably but it’s the truth.

  2. TaDaa! says:

    Sometimes you can’t help it that you look younger than your age. It depends on your body type and your face, people with baby faces will always look younger even with makeup. People usually look older because of how they present themselves to the public. It’s how they dress, how they do their hair (for girls) and their makeup. My sister who is 2 years younger than me always looked older than me because of those three things. I don’t know what kids these days like to wear but I’m sure your cousins can help you with that.
    My advice, just be yourself. Yes you want friends but people notice it when you try to do stuff you usually don’t do. The same goes for boys.
    School work is only hard if you make it hard by being lazy and refusing to do it until the last minute.


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