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I Have Successfully Directed Thousands Of Visitors To High Gravity Clickbank Affiliate Links Through Opt-in?

emails. I have generated and verified thousands of “hops”. I have, however, not seen a single penny (except from one item I purchased myself). Is this possible? Is Clickbank a waste of time, or should I suspect a problem with the account or the vendors?

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*deep Breath* Now Lets Talk About High School?

Ive been homeschooled for five years and now im going back into regular school. I will be a freshman in high school. I’m social sometimes and super shy other times. My only friends are my cousins (pathetic right?). And im scared and excited about high school.
What im asking from you is to answer every question of these i have that you can:
How can i look my age? Seriously, i look twelve. I went to my cousins school today and every girl my age looked way older than me.
How can i meet new people without being weird? I will obiously want friends.
Is the school work REALLY hard? Because i want to be in honors.
(Embarassing question) How do i meet boys and not act akward around them? I always feel akward around boys my age. And, well, i might want a boyfriend.

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Help: I’m A 30-year-old High School Dropout And I Don’t Want To Go Back To School.?

Let me elaborate:
I’m 30 years old. I’m an Inventory Control Coordinator for a large 3rd Party Logistics company that is the main distributor for a big box store in Canada. I never graduated from high school. Almost everyone I’ve met in my profession thinks I’m smart, but very few of them know that I never finished secondary school.
One of my mentors keeps telling me to go back to school and get a degree in something, but I have absolutely no interest in learning anything new right now. I’d spend hours a day for a week searching and browsing courses and degree programs online that are offered at local colleges and universities, but nothing peaks my interest.
And to top it all off, I don’t even have much of a desire to continue working in the field where I have created a niche for myself. I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now. With no direction. No goals. But enormous potential – as others often remind me of.
This notion has led to many drug and alcohol related issues that I have dealt with and now, no longer have a problem with. But the void is still there. With no desire to achieve anything specific. Nothing interests me enough to pursue a degree for.
What should I do?

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How Can I Get More High Quality Traffic To My Website? I Need It Urgently!?

I have a website promoting other people’s products as an affiliate which has been receiving about 100 visitors per day, but the conversion sucks, because it is around 0.001 percent. So I figured it could be that my visitor’s quality is too low, since I send them to a high converting sales-page. So how can I get more high quality traffic to my website? I need some improvement fast, please help me out!

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How Different Is College From High School?

I’ve been watching stephenvlog on youtube (check it out its amazing) and I watched a video about how stephen made so many friends and stuff how is collage better and worse then high school?

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How Does A Recent College Grad Land A High Paying Job (advice Please?!)?

Seriously…. how does one do it.
I graduated in June of last year with a Psych degree. Good grades, I made Dean’s List. There seems to be no job out there for me. After 6 months of relentless searching and hearing literally NOTHING back from anyone, I had to settle for a full time $12 an hour nanny job to pay the bills. However, I’ve been told that this won’t do me any good since it’s not earning me any experience to lead to better jobs. I agree, but don’t know what else to do.
I do not want to go to grad school (my friends and I have already learned that college these days is a total waste of money, won’t make that mistake twice), but got a Psych degree thinking it was a good well-rounded degree and that employers would appreciate the fact that I understand people. I was wrong, apparently.
Please…. tell me where you would go from here?

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