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Very Religious Philosophy Prof – How Should I Ask Him A Question?

I want to ask the prof about how to get a good mark on the essay he assigns. I want to know specifically whether or not he cares about the conclusions we come to.
Should I just BS the paper & put down what he wants to hear? I know he’s a devote Catholic & has been affiliated with the sect of Opus Dei.
I went to the office of the ombudsperson to ask about policies. They suggested that I drop the course. The alternative is to go through a long process of filing a petition if I feel a grade I receive is unwarranted (but my grade couldn’t be changed). They pointed out that philosophy isn’t like a math where an answer is right or wrong. There’s more grey area to assign a poor mark to “lack of academic rigour” rather than favouritism towards a particular conclusion.
I just don’t want to receive a bad mark for being honest about my beliefs. How can I ask him how we’re going to be marked without implying that he’ll pick favourites?

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Creative Writing Mfa? As Opposed To Non-creative Mfa?

Lets go over the pros and cons of a creative writing mfa.
First, “creative writing” is almost a redundancy, considering that all writing in itself is creative, whether fictive, poetic, or instructional. In essence, you may as well be getting a degree in “creative thinking,” seeing that all writing is more mental than syntactic, regardless of affective stylistics and the like.
All degrees or majors in academia require some level of creative thought, though we dont say we are majoring in “creative philosophy,” or “creative chemistry,” or “creative arts,” because its impled that they’re all creative.
Next, people always say that ‘it gives them a chance to devote a few years to reading and writing,’ as if they didnt have time before they started the mfa degree? Usually if you write and read, you do these whenever you are not working or gaining experience than may better serve your ability to write than writing itself. Its almost as if people need the officiality of the degree to either validate their efforts, or to materialize their desires – both of which are bad reasons to begin with.
Heres are some ‘creative’ facts about the mfa. For one, most mfa programs were started by other mfa graduates because they could not do anything else with their creative writing. You certainly cannot find work in other non-creative outlets, other than working in a bakery or waiting tables, or working for people who are evidently not creative.
So what is the real import of a creative writing degree? Besides pretension and narcissism?
Im not sure? It seems like a really really really bad idea in the 21st century. Basically niche poetry and prose and fiction is for other writers, but usually other writers are so blinded by egotism and self-reference that they cant appreciate other writing. Its a strange situation. I was going to apply to a bunch of mfa programs but after reading various college publications and examples of what they claim is ‘good,’ I went to law school instead.
Basically, I just want to know why anyone would want to subject themselves to this hyper-pretensious form of academia? And why should anyone take someone with a creative writing degree seriously considering the absolute garbage that is published today.

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A Good Debate? What What?

Wouldnt it be pretty much an impase between both sides since theists and atheists are not open minded of the other. And pretty much atheism is part of philosophy. Not R&S. Nothing spiritual about it.
I mean.. Im not studying people like Niche in theology class.. We study him in our philo. =.=

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Good Forums And Websites For Mythological And Philosophical Games?

My boss has this mobile game. It has a competition (http://blog.think-grow.biz/think-grow-ne… My task is to try and accumulate a large userbase that will take interest, like, and participate in both the game and the competition. It’s a game with a very specific niche. It caters to people who love learning about mythology, history, symbolism, philosophy, and the cultural arts. Does anyone have any recommendation for any forums or websites I can reach out to?

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Trying To Find Scientific Critique On Heartmath And Gci?

Ok way back the wingmakers.com site launched, it’s a site that incorporates philosophy and mythology with a bunch of wild ideas that contradicts the current norms and beliefs. Many debunked the site, and shouted hoax. Recently 2 new sites launced glcoherence.org and heartmath.org, they follow the general theme of the first site however takes a “scientific approach”. The creator of wingmakers, Mark Hempel, is connected to these new sites as a board member of glcoherence and actively endorses heartmath. Does the outlandish ideas of wingmakers discredit these orginizations, or do these scientific claims actually verify their philosophies.
Now, I tried looking for a response of the scientific community on heartmath and the global coherence initiative, however I couldn’t find any articles that discredit, critique or even offer a peer review, although it is all over spirituality focused forums and they spam “peer-reviewed” on most of their pages.
In most and any scientific claims or theories you’ll find other orginizations that are not affiliated with it, to offer their own findings either validating or discredting them, however I can’t find any. And with claims and theories as big as these why isnt there any or even a little media coverage?
Can anyone that is familiar with this topic link to a scientific review of their claims or comment on them or just offer your view on this. Do you think that they’re just hoaxing everyone to sell their music, books, courses and heartmath devices? Or does it actually hold some truth?

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Do You Think A Afterlife Is Probable?

This is not a religiously oriented question. I don’t care what faith you have, scientific or religiously verified conclusions are welcomed. Though, I am someone who appreciates scientific verification’s above religious rhetoric or philosophy. I do not like to put faith in things that cannot be verified or recognized to be slightly probable.
The extent to which we can calculate or figure out probabilities is determined by our intellectual capability to recognize patterns. The less bias we are, or how receptive we are to new information that may oppose our current world view, the clearer we can identify these patterns and base our actions on reasonable probabilities. Since it’s in the very nature of our brain deny ideas that do not fit into our current paradigm, the more attached we are to a belief system, the less able we are to make conscious choices for ourselves.
Therefore, I make it clear I am not basing my question on a religious foundation, nor am I not excluding religious probabilities. I am not biased, and I am not looking for biased results in this question. If you believe life after death or don’t, I would like to know what information you are using to base your faith on that particular probability.
Though, desiring a response from an Atheist may seem pointless and obvious, however, there is indeed information non-religiously affiliated that would be appropriate enough to put faith in a probable afterlife. I wont go into detail, because it is irrelevant to my question, but understand I am desiring answers from all aspects of beliefs and faiths.
God, or Godless, what do you think is the fate we all share when we die? Nothing? Afterlife?

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