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Will I Be Sued If I Start A Similar Corporation Shortly After Exiting Another?

I exited a business around four months ago due to partner problems and would like to now start my own operation in a similar field. We just finalized a buyout agreement and signed papers releasing me as a Director from the corp. The previous company was in a field that involved a software database be created to analyze corporate billing for their telecom accounts – both wire line and mobile (can’t be too specific).
The corp I’m looking to start would offer a similar service, however would be different in a variety of ways and would also be built without directly copying anything that I have intellectually from my previous role. The new corp would have some similarities as far as the solution, however would be built from the ground up.
We have a unanimous shareholder agreement in place for the corp I had been previously part of (I was an equal shareholder – all minority shares @ 25%). My concern is that the USA has a clause in relation to confidentiality and states that no officer shall divulge any information regarding the business, or its finances, affairs, dealing and any trade secrets of the company including trade secrets, designs, methods, etc. I had them remove the non compete clause, as it would ban me from the industry for 10 years. The only non compete currently in place is in regards to going after existing clients of the corporation for a period of 3 years, which I wouldn’t do.
If I start his new corp, what is the likely hood I’ll be sued once they find out? If I were to be sued, they would obviously sue for damages, but would it be an amount that could potentially shut be down? If I want to be sneaky, could I find a partner and register everything in their name and act as employee for the time being?
Seeing as several big corps sue each other all of the time over IP, patents, etc I don’t see this being any different. I would however go in to the new corp without the intention of directly copying their solution. They also don’t have any patents or really proprietary technology, as several other companies offer a similar product/service and ours was created based on a couple of them in market ironically enough, so I don’t see them being able to prove that their solution was that unique and not based off others in market.
Advice from savvy biz professionals, or lawyers would be ideal. I want some advice before investing personal capital. I will likely sit down with a lawyer here, but want to know whether or not this is a waste of my time. I was bullied out of the other co and know that’s its a profitable market that I want to be a part of, just without idiots.

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I Want To Set Up A WordPress Blog. Help Me To Select The Most Profitable Niche. Please Advice.?

I have good development and designing skills and have been using WordPress for 3 years. I just need to have a niche that most of the people love to read about.

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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance?

Hi guys, i really need your a good and effectivr advice about this, please if you know something that would help post it here!
Im 20 year old, have a car Peugeot 206 1.1 litre – cheap market value (£1000ish). I live in London. Since 17 years old im looking for insurance – unsuccessfully. The best quote i get is 4000ish. I have no criminal record, no accidents no claims – nothing! And im fed up with so many people driving at my age and I cant- i just dont understand why exactly mine is so bloody expensive! Ive tried every variation just to see what im missing – pass plus for example only helps to the extent of £100. Its just crazy – 3 years and i still cant drive – what the hell is wrong with this – home come everyone is showing off by how cheap insurance they have and i cant get anything? Whats the secret?
Ive tried every combination – me as the main driver/named driver/owner/just user etc. cheapest is £4,000!! Whats wrong with me? Anybody knows whats the trick, how to solve this issue?

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Please Help…super Sad After Vacation.?

Your Open Question: Feeling super down about coming back from my vacation…please help.?
A week ago I went to stay with my brother and his wife for a week in Seattle, Washington. My brother is like 18 years older than me, I’m 14, and so we are close but not super close. I hardly ever get to see them (I mean once every 3 years or more) so I was really looking forward to this trip. After getting there, everything was amazing. It couldn’t have gone better. I got closer to my brother than ever before, got to know his wife, and got a grand tour of Seattle. I loved everything so much, I want to move to Seattle when I grow up. It was the best vacation I ever had in my life, and I was beginning to actually get into the niche of life at his house. Well, today I flew back to hot old Texas and just got home. I am so depressed and sad, I tear up every minute. I miss everything, and it makes it so hard to know I won’t see them for a long time, and we never keep in touch much. I have jet lag too, which makes everything worse. I just can’t stop thinking about how I had a wonderful time and how much I miss my brother and stuff. So, any tips? Is this normal?

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Need Help Regarding Higher Education Abroad.?

Greetings! I’m Mahesh, a student of a private engineering college in Chennai, which is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. I want to do MS in USA or Canada. But, I have 5 arrears currently, which will be cleared this time, hopefully. Also, I have had a lot of arrears during my first 3 years of engineering. All of my previous arrears have been cleared within 2-3 semesters. Now, only this 5. So, is it possible for me to do MS program in USA or Canada? If no, is there any way through which I can do my MS program there? Also, with these conditions, is it possible for me do MS in Europe?

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How Can I Show A Girl That I Am Interested?

There’s this beautiful girl who works at a place I’ve been affiliated with for about 5 years now. I was an employee for 3 years, and currently on my 2nd doing services there. She works with all my friends/ex co-workers, and it has been brought to her attention that I am interested in her; It has also been confirmed she is interested in me too. We were introduced briefly, but it was only enough to break the ice since she was busy working. I am going to be seeing her on and off this weekend and I was thinking of ideas that can show her I’m interested in her. I came up with small things so far like maybe surprising her with her favorite ice coffee? Any ideas and opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks.
P.S I’m 21 and about to be a SR in college, she just turned 18 and is going into her Freshman year .(just a little background)

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