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*deep Breath* Now Lets Talk About High School?

Ive been homeschooled for five years and now im going back into regular school. I will be a freshman in high school. I’m social sometimes and super shy other times. My only friends are my cousins (pathetic right?). And im scared and excited about high school.
What im asking from you is to answer every question of these i have that you can:
How can i look my age? Seriously, i look twelve. I went to my cousins school today and every girl my age looked way older than me.
How can i meet new people without being weird? I will obiously want friends.
Is the school work REALLY hard? Because i want to be in honors.
(Embarassing question) How do i meet boys and not act akward around them? I always feel akward around boys my age. And, well, i might want a boyfriend.

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Bad Breath Problems Ruining My Life And Want Some Help Please?

Okay, so ive been having breath problems for a few years now. No one tells me but i know its really bad, and it makes me come across as anti social and unfriendly, when really i just dont want people to smell it. I have IBS, dont know if thats the problem though. I had a dentist appointment a few days ago and my teeth and gums are healthy etc, i brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush, floss and clean my tongue and after 15 minutes or so it smells. i thought it might be post nasal drip because i am always clearing my throat and it feels like there is mucus there. I also read about tonsil stones but i cant see any there (i checked with a light) but there is a horrible taste coming from the back of my mouth.I have considered going to the GP now because i am sick of this problem and think it could be something not relating to my mouth, sorry for going on guys but i want advice because i am sick of chewing gum and want to approach people, many thanks guys.

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Why Does Coffee Leave Such Bad Breath In The Morning?

I get up at 530 every morning and sometimes drink coffee on the way to work and I notice that on days where I don’t brush by teeth after I have terrible breath. What’s in coffee that leaves such bad breath?

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