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What Is The Best Open Source Cart For Selling Affiliate Products?

What is the best open source cart for selling affiliate products?
Products from amazon, Google affiliates etc?
Can OpenCart, ZenCart can do this?

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Scottrade: If I Open An Account, Do I Pay Anything? And When Do I Pay? I Want To Invest In Stocks?

I want to open an scottrade account, though I want to know when do I pay for opening stock, and like how does it work? when I buy stock do I pay?

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Plzz Help . . Is Nios(national Institute Of Open Schooling) A Better Chioce To Opt For 12th?

i have completed my 11th from cbse with not so good marks . I want to go for nios for my 12 th . Plzz tell me is nios affiliated over further studies after 12th . will there be any problem entering any institute after 12th.

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What Do You Make Of Walmart Bribing Local Mexican Officials To Open New Stores?

This is illegal under U.S. law. Are corporations, like Walmart, too big to exist?
See http://finance.yahoo.com/news/wal-mart-a…

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What Does One Have To Do To Open A Business On A College Campus?

My university has recently started pushing students into an area that me and my girlfriend are near experts in, and we’ve noticed a big hole or niche that we think we could successfully fill while giving a lot of benefit to students very cheaply, I know there are private businesses on campus like 7-11, Wendy’s, Java City etc. and I was just wondering what would be the proper channels to go through if I wanted to make it happen? I’ve got quite a bit of money that I could invest, so that shouldn’t be an issue. This also isn’t something that could be done in a classroom so I don’t think the it’s going to be seen as competition or seen in a negative way by the school.

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How Can I Get Myself To Open Up More? Ill Answer Yours :)?

This is describing me pretty much..im 17 btw
I am shy and a lot of girls say im cute ( not directtly but from my two close girls friends) but i dont know how to open up and just be friends with them. I start school on Monday and i wanna try to be more open but i dont know how. My close friends tell me i have great qualities but my qualities are hidden cause of my shyness.
I go to a super small school so I know everyone but i dont have many close friends. im scared cause most of my friends already have their niches and im afraid ill intrude and i wont be able to fit in. I see so many people who are social with everyone and I just dont know how.
I would really like a gf since i havent had one but idk how i can do that if nobody knows of my more in depth qualities and personality.. its just a scary thought stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new ppl
heeres my list describing moi
1. dirty blond/brown hair.. blue/green eyes (depending on my surroundings. i get a lot of compliemnts on the eyes :p)
2. athletic body
3. 5’9 150
4. jockish (baseball, soccer, basketball on school teams)
5. considered a class clown type so i bring out the laughs lol
6. a little on the shy side
7. outgoing once comfortable with people
8. smart
9. caring
10. honest
11. considered a “nice, sweet guy” by most peoples standards
12. protective of friends
13. loves to help others and their problems/issues
14. all types of music are welcomed to my earholes :p
15. loves dogs
16. i dont pick fights unless someone picks a fight with me whether it be physical or verbal
17. i am friendly with all who are friendly with me
18. i look at personalities first
19. i dont smoke pot (never have)
20. i do drink but i have no intention of drinking too much
21. i like going to house parties and just having fun (im not a 24/7 partier but i like to have fun)
22. i have some trust issues which can cause me to come off as clingy but not to the extreme (trust isssues wouldnt effect a relationship most like, only during the bggining at most)
23. i am not experienced (only kissed girls nothing more then that)
24. ive been called dorky (but as a compliment? idk lol)
25. i overthink at times
26. i have trouble meeting new people because of my shyness
27. i try not to cause drama in my life
28. i have a fear of being forgotten which leads me to usually take initiative most of the time (it doesnt give me the chance to let the girl take the initiative over convesations on fb and text and such)
29. i am staightfoward, no games or anything. if u like u ill show it
30. I like being shy but at times i see it as a flaw
31. I am a hard worker and I put passion into eveything i do (job, birthday giifts, whatever)
32. sometimes i take things seriosuly that shouldnt (but only for a second or two so its not too bad)
33. i usually type long and thought out texts
34. im fine with premarital/teenage sex but i wouldnt rush it or revolve a relationship around it

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