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Choosing A Discipline, Clinical Psychology???….? What Type?

I’ve found my niche, I know now that between a major in clinical psychology and biology I’m in love with clinical psychology plus, I’m not smart enough or patient enough to deal with the analysis of inorganic molecules and subatomic particles. However while in a joint research initiative, I found that I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of research biology, more so than I do research psychology but that may be a premature conjecture however, Lab/clinical biology is not intriguing at all while clinical psychology is. What type of clinical psychologist should I become?

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What Type Of Degree Certificate Would A Private University Give?

I wanted to ask that a private university would give the same degree as the state university or it would provide a different degree as from the state. A private college affiliated to state university gives the degree of the state university but what is the condition for private university in the same state. Will it give the degree same as state or a bit different

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In Terms Of Seo, Better To Get And Independant Blog Site Or Blogger Type?

I am brand new to all of this. I want to start a blog and have advertising and affiliate links included, but I also want it to show up on the search Engines. Is it better to go independant or use something like blogger? Will I have to sacrifice advertising? Thanks.

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Can I Make A Niche Linkedin Type Website With Buddypress?

I’m trying to get some information about creating a social network with buddypress. I’m not talking about creating another Facebook but my site would be more like a linkedin website for a niche community. So I would have features such as profiles, messages, employer page and employees page, contacts, chat. Is buddypress good platform for a website like that?

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How Will The Nra Identify The Mentally-ill If This Is The Type Of Individual That Goes On Shooting Sprees?

Relatives of a New Mexico teenager accused of killing his mother, father and younger siblings with an assault rifle, then telling police he hoped to shoot up a Walmart, are described as stunned by his actions and “heartbroken over this senseless tragedy.”
We know him as a bright, curious and incredibly talented young man. He was a brother, nephew, grandson and cousin,” said the statement, obtained by the ABC News affiliate KOAT in Albuquerque from former New Mexico state Sen. Eric Griego, the suspect’s uncle.
“We are deeply concerned about the portrayal in some media of Nehemiah as some kind of a monster,” said the statement.

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Looking To Purchase Stock In Discovery Communications, Very Interested In History Channels New Shows?

I am a new trader however am very interested in new shows on the history channel such as mankind the story of all of us, as well as the men who build america. In my opinion these shows are ingenious and have a lot of potential, so with that being said my intentions are to purchase stock in whatever companies are producing these shows, or any type of affiliations, mergers, or acquisitions going on that are in one way or another affiliated with the creation of these shows. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to invest in creating these type of shows, and more shows related to merging education and entertainment, and how can I do such a thing. Invest directly in the history channel? Which would be investing in Discovery Communications stock? Any opinions, experiences, or ideas are much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read through this, will rate best answer!

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