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What Is The Best Open Source Cart For Selling Affiliate Products?

What is the best open source cart for selling affiliate products?
Products from amazon, Google affiliates etc?
Can OpenCart, ZenCart can do this?

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Wristband Site, Cant Change The Size To The One I Want?

i want a undersized wristband, not the youth size. im not sure how you get it though somone walk me through it for a guarntee best answer

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Do You Think My Horse Is Too Old?

I have a 19 year old TWH gelding that I have had for 14 years. In all my years owning him, we have really found his “niche”. He’s done just about everything and I was riding him consistently until about a year ago. He was fed up with endless circles in the arena and just wanted to rush through everything(including trail rides). I ruined his work ethic and he was disconnected from me. So I gave him what he deserved, early retirement. He has been out at pasture(not counting occasional rides this summer) for the past year or so. I honestly haven’t been giving him the attention he deserves, but he isn’t lacking. I went to visit him today and he seems like he wants to re-connect. The thing is, I don’t know if he’s too old to re-train. I want to ride him again, but the reason I retired him is because no matter what you did, he wouldn’t slow down, he was go go go all the time because he just wanted to get it over with. I can’t work him in a pasture or arena without him acting like this and I wouldn’t immediately take him on trail after a year off of work. He would be sooo full of it and go so fast. I was thinking about possibly cart training him. When he was recovering from an abscess, I spent several hours ground-driving him to work him back up to being ridden. So he has some experience and did well.
I want to know if he is too old to re-train and if he isn’t how should I go about either(riding or cart training)?
He is sound and has only had a few soundness issues over the 14 years I’ve owned him. He had an abscess last winter, a minor stone bruise in the summer 2009, and was kicked in the fall 2006. The last couple years I rode him, he had sporadic mystery lameness in his left leg that seemed serious because of his TWH head bob, but the vet said it wasn’t, even though he couldn’t figure it out. We put him on regular cosequin and it cleared up. He hasn’t been on any supplements in over a year and is sound.
What do you think…

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I Need A Good E-commerce Website?

I am currently using 3d cart. But have had issues. If you can suggest any ideas I’d appreciate it!
I need more than 30G a month (pref. unlimited)
Integrate with quickbooks
Affiliate/Coupon Promotion capabilities.
Flash capabilities (not necessary)
I know I can get a website designed, but I’m in the middle of starting a business, and growing, and not quite ready for having one built.
thanks in advance!

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What Are The Advantages Of 1shoppingcart Over Zen Cart?

What are the pros and cons besides the pricing of $99 per month vs. free? Does Zen Cart have support? I feel I need phone support which is an additional fee with 1Shopping Cart. I will be selling downloadable info products. I also need to track affiliates and pay their commissions. The autoresponder is also important. I am concerned about starting with one and losing opted in prospects if I have to switch over. Does anyone have experience with both?

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