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Affiliate Secrets – The Shocking Truth Behind Top Affiliate Products

You’re looking for the quickest way to build substantial wealth on the internet. And you’ve read many articles which pointed out huge benefits of being an affiliate… a reseller of other people’s products.

You’ve probably been told that you should look for:

A high commission rate. You’ve heard that 50% is the bare minimum, and it should ideally be up towards 75%.
Low competition, so you have the market all to yourself.

So you start searching and find a product that gives a commission rate of 75% on a $ 97 product. That seems to check all the boxes, doesn’t it? After sales and commission costs are taken out, you might be getting as much as $ 60 in your pocket. Well, that’s the theory. But there’s a couple of barriers that might put some flies in the ointment and not make the product that attractive to you:

– The product price might be too high. The product owners might have ramped the price up to make the deal look more attractive for affiliates. But the high price could also be putting buyers off. You need to check that the selling price is realistic for the product.

Here’s an example of how price affects sales: A few years back I experimented with putting up the price of one of my products only to find that sales dropped immediately by over 30%. I had unwittingly broken a psychological price barrier for my buyers, and they responded by keeping their hands on their wallets. Since the increased profit didn’t balance out the drop in sales, I moved back to the original price as soon as I saw the pattern developing. Sales quickly returned to normal.

– The refund rate might be too high. Unless you are sure the product has a top reputation, it might have a top refund rate as well! Make sure that this rate is well below 10% which is normally considered the highest acceptable return rating for digital products. Any higher than 10%, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of your hard-earned commissions being debited from your reseller’s account.

The secret is not to base your decision solely on high price and a high commission rate. Do your homework by checking out the product thoroughly before you commit to your reselling strategy.

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Is There An Affiliate Network Where You Can Advertise Your Own Products?

I’m going to start selling on ebay and amazon soon, and then eventually my own website as well. I was thinking about affiliate marketing on the site to make extra money. But I also want to be on the other side of affiliate marketing and have other people advertise my products and earn commissions. Is there any networks you can think of that would let me advertise my own products?

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What Is The Best Open Source Cart For Selling Affiliate Products?

What is the best open source cart for selling affiliate products?
Products from amazon, Google affiliates etc?
Can OpenCart, ZenCart can do this?

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How Healthy Are Dairy Products?

I’m trying to eat healthier and I’ve read a lot of conflicting information regarding dairy products recently. Of course the dairy industry wants people to believe milk is healthy and provides an excellent source of calcium. Vegans, who are against animal exploitation of any kind, say that milk raises the acidity of your blood which in turn leaches calcium from your bones. Obviously, both groups have their own agendas, so I’m highly skeptical of the sources and studies that they cite to make their arguments. If anyone could link me to a study that is not affiliated with either of these groups, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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How To Market Niche Products?

I have a small company engaged in the manufacture of niche machinery. The problem is that I am a designer and we have got some good clients but only some who are faithful to us.
We have a good internet presence also as most of the business works through the net but I am not satisfied with the number of clients who always seem to be very less.
What do I do to increase them ?
I am thinking of doing an MBA in marketing is it a good option?
I am a fresh passed out mechanical engineer.

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Please Tell Me The Ways To Sell Affiliate Products Online?

the number ways to sell products, as an affiliate (ex. clickbank) online?

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