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What Are Some Good Web Site Traffic Exchanges In Europe And Asia?

I have an online affiliate site. The
company offers the only legal way to
buy tickets for the biggest US lotteries
(Powerball and Mega Millions) online.
But I need get it noticed in other

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Could Europe Topple The Us Economy If They Wanted Too Or Told Secrets?

Don’t know about that, but China could. The thing is that if China did they wouldn’t have the market that they have today.

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Recommend Uk- Or Eu-based Online Businesses?

I am considering having some ‘Affiliate’ and ‘PPC’
(‘Payment Per Click’) “passive income”.
Rather than American companies, which are many but I find too optimistic, are there any such British or European businesses? And who please?
No offence meant to my great American cousins, but I just cannot do business with over optimistic people. I prefer a dose of realism. And right now, we in Europe are facing an economic meltdown.
Please *no* spam!
Thanks to {any} answerers. If you don’t receive a “thank you”, it will be because my online connection has failed again.
Appreciation in advance….

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Do You Feel Like The Westernization Of America Has Led You To Become A Christian?

Or become affiliated with any other Christian denomination?
If you were not born in America, Australia, Europe or various parts of Africa and South America, you’d probably be worshiping Vishnu, Allah or some other god or goddess.

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How Do International Job Transfers Work?

I’m sure there’s a lot of red tape in cases like these, but how would one go about getting a job overseas? Let’s say Ireland or England. Would my company already need to be affiliated with the overseas company before a transfer takes place? Or is it possible for my company to contact another hospital on my behalf and recommend me for a similar position? I work for a well known hospital in Southern California and am in good standing with my current employers. However, with a new and faster system being put into place layoffs are going to start soon. I would rather leave than have someone with a family and responsibilities be laid off. Plus I’ve been dying to live in Europe for a few years, but I know it’s difficult for American’s to get work out there.

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Should The Us And Europe Be Supporting The Syrian Government Not Condemning It?

It seems that the Syrian rebels are affiliated to the islamic brother hood and supported to some extent by Iran. Considering the US and Nato are fighting against a similar alignment in Afghanistan, why are they not supporting the Syrian government?

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