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The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator

The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator is so simple and straight forward to use it will have you increase your web traffic in no time.

I also experienced what it felt like as a newbie in this internet marketing world but once I already knew which traffic generation method worked for me,I “leveled-up”.

But not in all my marketing experience have I used advertising in Google or any other search engine. I just couldn’t afford it and number two, I heard many people say it’s not effective.

Because of my budget, I stuck to the free traffic generation methods available and boy, was I glad to make that decision.

And so, the following are the few good traffic generation methods I have used, free of charge.

Article Writing

Based on my years of doing affiliate marketing, I already had a good grasp as to why article writing has topped the list of free traffic generators and I’m telling you it is and still very effective.

I just wrote about 5 articles per day containing 300-500 words, submitted it to ezinearticles or any article directories and pretty soon, I was in for huge traffic.

Go to forums

“Googling” for forums related to your niche market can automatically list down all the related forums for you. But, can you just choose those which has a few thousand members?

Once you’ve already decided then sign up, learn from it, contribute and once you are comfortable with it, you could start branding yourself as an expert there. Upon doing that, traffic is going to flow wild from these forums.


You know what’s the fun of being an internet marketer? It is when you are making a video and posting it to vid directories such as YouTube. Plus, major search engines love videos!

As a consumer, I would want to buy products that I have seen so get those cameras rolling!

Yahoo Answers

Go to www.yahooanswers.com and answer the questions that are related to your niche. As soon as you become one of the top contributors, your name will be recognized and trusted.

Not only that, people asking for help will consider the links you give as a reliable source. What a great way to generate traffic.

Free traffic generation is not for impatient people but if you are one of those, then you got to make patience one of your virtues. But I must say, you will never regret your choice of making traffic stay.

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Generate Traffic With Squidoo Lenses In Affiliate Marketing

Do you Squidoo? Do you create free traffic using Squidoo lenses?

Seth Godin started the Original Squid almost ten years ago.

He created Yoyodyne, and for the first time introduces the idea if permission marketing online.
Yoyodine was acquired by Yahoo, Seth served as VP Direct Marketing for Yahoo for an year and since 2000 Seth Godin dedicated himself as a public speaker, an author and a blogger.

Among others, he wrote an eBook about traffic in which he introduce a term I like “deserved traffic” which is coming from content. Yes, content is the king.

With the technology and software packages we have today is easy to build web pages, but we really need web pages which attract traffic. The eternal question: how do I get more traffic?

Seth Godin advice is we need the 3 Us:



Whatever you create, a lens, a blog, a website, you are responsible for the 3 Us and this is the long term solution for getting traffic which is the same as having quality content.

Search engines have sophisticated algorithms, they change frequently without any notice to the public at large. Some people invest a lot of time, work, and energy trying to trick the search engines, it is possible to do so, but it isn’t a long term solution.

What happened in July 2006 when Google decided to change the landing page algorithm to rank web sites was a lesson for all of us. It was painful for a lot of people who lost a good Google ranking over the night.

Google is on a mission to build a better web, and that action was a huge step in the right direction, a loud cry for quality pages! That was the Google way to clean up the web, to make invisible pages which are not useful, nobody update them and have information which are not unique in nature. With other words pages without content.

Prior to July 2006 I used Pay Per Click (PPC) to drive traffic, since that day of infamy I begin to explore Social Bookmark which can produce free traffic for me.

My favorite technique is to create Squidoo lenses in which I have links to my web sites, my eBay auctions, RSS modules, Amazon modules and a lot of interaction with the pubic interested in my topics via plexo modules.

Squidoo is a platform that lets anyone build a web page (called lens) about any topic which interest you, free, and in just a few minutes. It is confusing for the beginning, but you can define a lens as your viewpoint on a topic. Lenses focus attention, drive clicks and even earn royalties.

The secret is – your lens must be noticed by the public and if you have good content they will. Why, because:

they are useful
frequently updated and
contains your unique expertize, point of view.


The successful lenses, as the successful web sites, are the ones which follow Seth Godins 3 Us rules.

I heard a lot of comments about how much you have to work on your lenses to continue improve and update them. The answer is yes and no! I hope you don’t expect to improve the visibility of your work doing nothing!

If you use proper techniques you can create lenses with dynamic allocation. Example, you can use:

RSS module which change content at 6 hours
create a gallery of pictures with Flickr, all the time when you add a new picture in Flickr the change will be propagated in your lens which use that Flickr
Amazon modules
voting using plexo modules
eBay modules which change when an item is ended or you add a new item


All of those will refresh your content daily and in top of that when you have something new to say, yes, you will update your lens content.

I am very comfortable with Squidoo lenses and the traffic I generate for my personals links I put on them: my web sites, blogs etc. I really love Squidoo lenses, I have a lot of fun doing them, but I am an open mind and I use other sources to drive traffic other Social Bookmark techniques.
I use:

Onlywise and so on.


Well, it is possible to create traffic without spending money with PPC. The content of your web sites, blogs, lenses, is the most important driving force for traffic, social bookmark is the second important technique you can use to generate f


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Affiliate Marketing – What Are the Types of Traffic Building You Can Use For Affiliate Marketing?

What Are The Types Of Traffic Building You Can Use For Affiliate Marketing? There are many ways out there that people teach, whether its free advertising or payed advertising.

If your on a budget when your starting off, then free advertising is the way to go. Don’t think that free advertising you will get no traffic, you just have to put more time into it. Many free advertising ways can consist of article marketing, blogging, Squidoo, classifieds, viral networks and so on. But these are the basics.

Now if your starting off and you have a bit of money to spend, then definitely pay-per click will fast track you to getting results. But I’d suggest that you learn about pay-per click before you jump straight into the deep end.

Now back to free advertising. Article marketing which I suggest is a good starting point. This is because people want to read about quality information before they even think about purchasing anything. Now the trick to writing articles is not about selling the product, its about writing good quality content about that particular niche. For example you can give people tips about niche. People love tips, as it gives them an idea that you are trying to help them, not sell to them.

Next, you can do a blog. Squidoo is like a blog as well. You basically write a blog about that niche and give quality information. Once you have finished your blog you post it. Now don’t make this mistake, once you have posted it, you have to go back every couple of days and add more information to it. Also check the traffic amount, and if your not getting any traffic change things around.

Next form of advertising is classifieds, when you write up a classified make sure the title stands out. In the body of the classified, give the customer a problem, then tell them why this product is so great. But don’t try to sell, let the sales page do that. All you want is click through’s.

Now if you want to fast track your advertising then you have to jump straight into pay-per click. You can use sites such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. But before you run any campaigns, i’d suggest you do a little homework on pay-per click, because if you jump straight in you can lose a lot of money.

Overall this article has explained the different types of traffic sources you can use for affiliate marketing.

Did you find these tips on traffic building useful? If so you can learn a lot more of information here:

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Traffic generation techniques for affiliate marketers

There are A ton of ways Of Learning affiliate marketing traffic generation concepts, but I have really Had the feeling Lately that many Who are new to internet marketing Are not completely understanding getting Traffic At all.

I bring this to your attention I keep Running into Affiliate marketers on internet forums that Just do not get The fact there is no “Magic traffic bullet” When it comes to internet marketing. I Really hope in writing this page that it Will help you To get a better understanding as a whole about how getting Users for online marketing products works and the reasons why you do not need to Invest Your hard earned money on a Marketing course that teaches you How to generate traffic from a specific source.

The ability to get traffic is what Distinguishes the gurus of the online marketing space from the Failures. It is Not easy and for many near impossible to Understand however there are A ton marketers that conquer website users and as a result make a ton of money online. So is Getting People for your internet marketing products difficult?
Well yes and no,

It does take hard work but there are Users all over the place when it comes to internet marketing so it really Is not that difficult to attract if you Are able to develop the Necessary skills and A understanding of potential traffic sources. I can remember a Past Client of mines website I worked with doing Search Engine Optimization. I Glansed at their traffic sources and the Reason for their success was the search engines yes but it was also some select referring sites who Agreed to advertise information from my client. These websites were Sending almost A quarter of its Money online. In contrast I have lately been Teaching a student of mine in A similar field. My students site Has been around for almost as long, the Software is About as good but they Are not even driving 1% the web users my other client Was.

My point is that the visitors the leading online marketers are Generating is Nothing that special and No overpriced product is going to Save you when it comes to Generating traffic because it�s a skill built with Hands on experience in a marketplace and The ability to recognize Potential opportunities in a marketplace. I for A long time thought that generating traffic was One of most tightly Guarded secrets over the internet and Because of this I Invested in product after product In an attempt to get a Knowledge about everything I could. I spent A ton on these Internet marketing courses only to learn by the end that yeah I Now knew the main sources but it was not until I began to Take hands on action and Get visitors myself that I Started to get A good feel for where I had to dedicate my time and effort to get visitors.

I Really hope that this Information I have discussed with you has an impact on your Knowledge of generating traffic as what you need to Learn is more the necessary skills to spot A opportunity Instead of learning everything about The major traffic sources. If you take hands on action then generating traffic will become Second nature but if you continue to Sit on your backside and wait for the “Traffic bullet” before you Do anything then you will Just continue to feel Overloaded by the Vast amount of information Online and you will never actually get a grasp for The way traffic works.


If you would like to learn how you can generate more traffic for your website from Sam Bakker then you can view his newest guide about internet business here.

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What Are Some Good Web Site Traffic Exchanges In Europe And Asia?

I have an online affiliate site. The
company offers the only legal way to
buy tickets for the biggest US lotteries
(Powerball and Mega Millions) online.
But I need get it noticed in other

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What Are The Best Ways To Bring More Traffic To A Site ?

Actually my site is on education niche and its not having good traffic.Can any one help me to get traffic for this niche.Suggest me some good ways.I mean legit ways.http://www.howtoread.co.in/
Every Help would be appreciated.

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