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Does Anyone Knows Of Bank Note Affiliate Programs?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that buys non performing loans and bank notes and offers broker membership and pays $50,000 per deal when the deal is done?

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Affiliate Programs Instead Of Adsense?

I used to use adsense untill I got banned for some reason. I need a similar affiliate program which pays on a CPC basis for my blog. Any ideas? I own a maltese political blog on www.alexcutajar.com

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Does Anybody Know Of Anymore Affiliate Sites?

I was wondering if there were a list of retail sites that offer affiliate programs, such as ebay and amazon, that way I can show a small widget, or even just a link to the item on said site, and if it is purchased, make a bit of money from it. I was wondering this for my blog, and wanted a huge variety of sites that would have items permanently in stock. Thank you.

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Particular Affiliate Programs I’m Looking For. Info In Details?

The vast majority of my audience are free users. That kept in mind, I need a affiliate program that would offer me commission just for getting users, signing up for their website to become a member of their website and no purchase required from there and the affiliate getting commission for each member that signs up. Being a affiliate for a social network or driving new members to a social network, would be ideal, but really any affiliate program that would offer commission for any new members who sign up to the website. Know of any affiliate programs like that?

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Any Website Ideas Please?

OK, I am quite good at making websites but I really have no time for blogs and regular update websites. I would like to make some money by having a website online, but I have no ideas. I have tried affiliate programs, click bank and other things but no luck. I don’t care whether my website will make only £2 a day but I really need a good website idea!?? Heelp please!!!???

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Affiliate Programs That Pay Right Into Paypal.?

I am trying to get help to find a few good Affiliate Programs that pay right into paypal. Please send the URLS.

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