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What Do You Think About This Small Business Idea?

a fast food restaurant called McHealthy
it’s healthier than McDonald’s, but cheaper than Subway.
They serve sandwiches on whole wheat buns with spinach instead of lettuce.
want fries with that? sure, but no salt on them.
or if you prefer you can get apple fries.
We don’t serve soda. We serve juice, lemonade, and water.
Eat better, live longer.
or if not a restaurant then how about a grocery store.
It will be called Healthy Mart.
There will be nothing in it that’s unhealthy what-so-ever.
and it comes with a gym where you can go on a treadmill before you do your grocery shopping.
you know how Whole Foods serves only organic foods……
well no scientific study has ever confirmed that organic foods are “healthier”…..
Whole Foods serves unhealthy crap like soda……..it’s just organic soda, that’s all.
Healthy Mart will not serve ANYTHING that’s bad for you what-so-ever.
There will be a greater selection of WHEAT products….bread, cereal, bagels, crackers, etc.
no white bread at all.

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What Do You Think About This Story Idea Of Mine?

basically it’s about two rival gangs meeting their end due to a vengeful ghost from their past lifetime.
arjun,roshan and freddy were good friends,until they realised the potential of drug market in the city.arjun and roshan make a gang for themselves while freddy teams up with abhi and gautum(two close friends).abhi has always loved this girl shreya but she loves arjun and doesn’t actually notice abhi.gautum has a phobia of ghosts from his childhood experiences which is a secret only abhi knows.the two gangs fight over the drug market in the city countless times without anyone actually winning.then one day shreya accepts abhi’s love but makes it necessary for abhi to kill freddy for her as she convinces him freddy has been misbehaving to her for sometime.convinced by this abhi devices a plan to kill freddy and put the blame gautum for it.the night of the murder comes.it’s gautum’s bd and abhi arrives at their place with drinks.now abhi plans to summon the ghost of a young man who died years ago at the place their staying.using this ghost abhi hopes to make gautum go out of control and in between this confusion plans to kill freddy with a knife and then finally placing the knife on gautum’s hands.after a few drinks abhi summons the ghost avoiding gautum’s dissapproval.the ghost appears on the mirror in purple.gautum becomes insane.freddy is killed.but abhi feels guilty for killing his friend.he forgets the rest of his plan.now he informs shreya of the murder and she tells him of the deal she made with arjun for her love.abhi looses all sense and the ghost starts teasing him.now the ghost tells him a story about his life and how he was killed by 6
of his so called friends.abhi vaguely listens but driven mad he commits suicide.the ghost just looks on and smiles.shreya calls arjun and reports the news of freddy’s death.arjun overjoyed at his enemy’s defeat now tells shreya how he used her for his plans.guilt overcomes her and she ends her life.at this point arjun is safe and all his enemies are dead or mad.but roshan arjun’s right hand starts feeling sorry for his old friend and angry at arjun’s evil ways.he kills arjun and moves his body to where the others are.once there he leaves the body and carefully places the knife in gautum’s hands.the ghost having dissappeared for a while now reappears and appears happy that his revenge is quinched by fate.
don’t worry if there are some logical problems to this story.i will make up for it.tell me if this is a good story.you can tell me your suggestions like altering a particular part of the story or additional characters.backstory for each character.like why roshan stands with arjun other than freddy first time.filling up the ghost’s story with the other characters in their past life keeping roshan in a positive role as he is the only survivor at the end of this.also does this story show any resemblence to other stories?is there a story with gangs and ghosts other than this?
thankyou in advance……….

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Regarding The Web Sites, Earning, “geting Rich Online” … How Do You Like My Idea?

I had about 3-4 serious websites with over 2500 unique page views per day but those were mobile views. I always thought that it simple as:
1. Make a site
2. Get visitors
3. Put ads
4. Cashout
Once it comes to mobile users I can get them as much as I want so the first three steps were not a problam for me because I am good in site making. So like I said I had serious mobile sites in past but I have never earned serious money not even with 90000 page views a mounth!
But now I wish to make a pc site, a blog site preferably. But I very well know the fact that 7days after I will not earn a single penny. So I have decided to make a blog of what I like and not to earn with it, that way I will not be under pressure of money so the thought “This is not getting me money maybe I should quit!” will not be in my head.
So I was thinking of making a blog of what I like and that is Architecture! I study for it and I am best student in my school and I know A LOT about it. But one problam persist how will I get users to see it? I can easily find mobile users which are upto downloading some games, mp3’s or other content but they are most likely not in a mood to read about some architecture.
So that is biggest problam. I dont want to write in vain, I dont want no one to see it. If I spam on other people blogs I know no one will even look at my blog. They will be all like “Hahah he is spamming with architecture! HA!”
I was thinking of making a facebook page of architecture and sending traffic to my blog that way. And maybe I will put some ads after it gets popular.
So what do you think of my idea? Do you encourage me or discourageme?
Do you have any advise for me?
Also exuse me if I made any spell or gramar mistake. English is not my mother languange.

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What Do You Think About My Rough Idea For A Dystopian/ Sci-fi Story?

I’ll lead you through the plot points
1) A large percentage of the global population is killed by a virus. the world is now ruled by a handful of powerful companies/corporations
2) All strands of the virus were thought to be destroyed/extinct, Corporation A (name pending) keeps a secret supply of the strand so their scientists can develop a biological weapon to use against their enemies
3) Head scientist creates a new strand of virus, with the cure developed from his son’s DNA, blood, genetics (will decide later)
4) Their enemies, corporation B, kidnaps/kills/makes a deal with (haven’t decided yet) the scientist and steal the virus
5) Corporation A decide they must protect the boy at all costs because his body holds the only cure if this new virus is used against them. They decide to watch over the boy from a distance. However, Corporation B has realized the boy is the cure and send an agent to kidnap him.
The two main plots will basically be:
1) The boy researching his father’s whereabouts while living a “normal” life with school
2) Corporation A protecting the boy from Corporation B’s agent

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Need More Opinions On My Game Idea?

My idea is a game called BLACK RAIN. It has sort of some sadness to it. So the story is you’re a marine named Sgt. Garrett Connell and he’s had a really dark childhood. On his 7th birthday, his family was killed by a group of terrorists known as the War Oracles. One of the attackers said to him,”Don’t worry child, black rain will come.” So a few years later, Connell is in the marines and is in conflict with the War Oracles. The leader of the War Oracles was known as Abdul Reneir (pronounciation-Ray-nair). His belief was to dominate the world and promise his people that he is the true leader of the world. He tries to make peace with other countries so that in secret he can deliver the blow from the inside. He wanted to finish what his father started and fulfill his wish by drowning the whole world with nothing but a nuclear wasteland. For the survivors of his attacks he takes them to a concentration camp at his estate.Connell’s family was connected him because Connell’s father assassinated Abdul’s father when he was around. For revenge, Abdul goes to his home and kills everyone leaving only Connell to see the deaths of his mother and father. Abdul leaves the house along with Connell’s mother’s necklace and his father’s dog tags. Now since then Sgt. Connell now finally realizes who this man is capable of doing and now truly understands the real reason why he’s trying to do what he’s doing. Also,Connell always has dreams of the world being drowned by black rain and you will see these sequences every other level. Connell always had the same question run in his mind, Why did he choose my life? Why me? So what do you guys think? Connell is joined by his buddies Grim and Jackal. Grim and Jackal are close friends with Connell since childhood. There will be a sadness to Jackal later in the game. Also this idea would have the game mode I like to called Radiation Mode. Radiation mode is similar to COD zombies but instead of zombies its mutated animals and humans. And the title BLACK RAIN is meant by bombs going off and radiation rain coming in and radiating everything. So what do you guys think?
There will also be multiplayer and I can tell you that one of the multiplayer maps is Chernobyl Ukraine which is also a campaign level. Plus Chernobyl will also be a Radiatian Mode map also.
Some other multiplayer maps are Shipwreck, Asylum, Homefront, Junk, Market, and Banzai

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