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How Can I Make Money Online?

I have been Trying to make money online for two years with little or no results. I have a website creation and design company with my own website called Speck art studios with about ten websites under its belt but after 2 years its really slow. I have a review blog called armchair agent which brings no money from the affiliate program. as well as zazzle and many other programs what am I doing wrong?
My blog URL is thishttp://www.armchairagent.com/
and my website URL is this http://speckartstudios.com/
All help will be greatly appreciated

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Business Site And Amazon Store?

I’m planning on creating my own business website, but within that site I want an Amazon Affiliate store. If I’m making money from my site from other things and running it as a business what happens with any money I get from the Amazon affiliate program?
Does the money from that count as earnings (and profit) for the business or is it a separate private income? If the money earnt from that is in Amazon gift vouchers rather than actual cash does this change things?

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Affiliate Programs Instead Of Adsense?

I used to use adsense untill I got banned for some reason. I need a similar affiliate program which pays on a CPC basis for my blog. Any ideas? I own a maltese political blog on www.alexcutajar.com

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Particular Affiliate Programs I’m Looking For. Info In Details?

The vast majority of my audience are free users. That kept in mind, I need a affiliate program that would offer me commission just for getting users, signing up for their website to become a member of their website and no purchase required from there and the affiliate getting commission for each member that signs up. Being a affiliate for a social network or driving new members to a social network, would be ideal, but really any affiliate program that would offer commission for any new members who sign up to the website. Know of any affiliate programs like that?

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Does Auto Mechanic Has Affiliate Program?

I have a community website, mainly into car repairs. I want to refer someone to a particular mechanic and make some commission out of it, how can I ?

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Affiliate Program Question For My Website.?

I would like to use affiliate marketing on my website but I dont want to use banners. I want to have products as if i am selling them on my site then when people click them it takes them to the site to where they can buy them. example is thisiswhyimbroke.com how can i do this?

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