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How Does One Find Their Own Niche?

I like music, colors and ice-cream.
I can paint houses for a living, I can be a manager of an ice-cream shop.
I don’t think the music-industry is a good-idea – too competetive.
Is that okay? I’m not really interested in anything else.
Can someone suggest a more stable career? How do I find a better niche?

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Can You Get Money Back At The Store For Something You Bought At Their Online Website?

I bought some stuff aerie online. Can I take the stuff I bought online, show them the receipt, and get my mint back? Or will I only be able to exchange??
And can I take them to American eagle since they are related stores or does it have to be aerie?

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Why Is That In The Us, Politicians Affiliate Their Politics With Religion?

I don’t know why this often happens over and over again, its just simply stupid. Plus, politics are not so good anyway.
I’m a liberal Christian (and was happy that the LGBT marriage got approved), but I don’t trust either parties, Republicans or Democrats. I would often parody them as their animal symbols; Elephants, dignified but strict, intolerant of nonsense, afraid of mice (metaphorical) and drunk (on power or anything else). Donkeys, humble but stubborn, ridiculous, slow and foolish.
This is why I don’t like to involve my beliefs in politics, politics always corrupt. In fact the word comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to tell tales that aren’t true’

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Does It Just Kill You To See Heat “fans” Refer To Their Team As “we” When They…?

Can’t name the starting power forward during the 2003 season
Can’t name the head coach in place during the 2003 season
Probably can’t name the owner
Would 99% of the time say no if asked whether they like basketball, let alone the Heat, 10 seconds before LeBron joined

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How Does The Liberal Media Cover The Obama Scandals While They Protect Their Messiah?

As some of us remember with Nixon, the liberal media went after the wrong doings of the Nixon administration, the same way the Boston police went after the Muslim terrorist bomber.
When the Clintons were involved in numerous abuses of power, witness tampering and intimidation, scandals, crimes, with-holding evidence and selling executive pardons for cash, the liberal media stone-walled the wrong doings, as if it was political ” he said, she said” conflict.
Now that its apparent to every Obama apologist and stone-waller, that the Obama regime is deeply involved in a number of abuses of power, scandals and crime, the liberal media is doing everything in their power, to protect their Messiah from political backlash.
How is the liberal media reporting the wrong doings, without suggesting Obama, himself should be accountable? http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/poll-…

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Should All The Nhl Teams Have Their Ahl Affiliate In Their City Or Suburb Or At Least Close?

Example of a “close” AHL team would be LA having their affiliate in Salt Lake City instead of Manchester on the Eastern Seaboard.

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