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How Does One Find Their Own Niche?

I like music, colors and ice-cream.
I can paint houses for a living, I can be a manager of an ice-cream shop.
I don’t think the music-industry is a good-idea – too competetive.
Is that okay? I’m not really interested in anything else.
Can someone suggest a more stable career? How do I find a better niche?

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Am 24 And Never Had A Boyfriend, Will I Never Find My True One?

When asking why you are still single, I would say that it’s best to look at the obstacles you are facing. Some people just can’t find someone because they are looking too hard. Others are looking with the right amount of effort, just the wrong place/venue. Others might have unrealistic expectations, that are put into place with good intentions, but have the flaw of being too high or narrow.
So, what kind of obstacles have you met in romance? Has it been that nobody sees you that way? Is it that the people who you are attracted to shun or ignore you? Are you forever in the “friend zone”? Do you hate the way you look? Maybe you just don’t fit in at the venue you have been looking. Maybe you need to find a place that is more in-line with your interests.
And that’s the best advice I can give.
I would say that the best way to increase your ability to find companionship is to find your niche. Throw yourself into the things you love. Get good at them. Master them. Join clubs focused on them. Get out, do fun things. Just meet people.
Don’t rely on the internet to find someone. I have a profile on a dating site, and yes I get dates from it. But it’s really more of an art than a science, and it took a LOT of trial and error. Getting out among people, and just being yourself is the best way.
It does not matter what body type you are. I have seen women of every body type in happy relationships. My ex was 420lbs, and would get asked out constantly by guys. In contrast, I know a girl who is cute, petite, fit and she can’t seem to get into a relationship. Nobody wants her. So don’t blame your looks, your weight, or your height. For every type of girl, there are guys who are into you.
As far as those activities I mentioned above go, they give you a time and a place to meet others who share your interests. Do it because you are into those things, and not because you want to “meet someone”. Another enthusiast just might take a liking to you.
In the end, it’s how well you’ve filled out, both emotionally and intellectually, that will attract the right people. If you were looking for a quick bang, you could probably put an ad on craigslist, and have a hundred offers by sunset. But you obviously aren’t after that, or you wouldn’t have posted this question.
Be yourself. Be the best, most awesome, dorky, awkward, artistic, nerdy, whatever, version of yourself. When you are solid in that foundation, you will have boys lining up to date you.
And that’s the best advice I can give.

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Case Method, Help Me Find The Main Problem ?

The Golden Bay Star Hotel was developed by a group of investors in the
late 1970s to be the premier luxury property of its type in the Bay Area.
The location in downtown was chosen for its proximity to the financial
district and art gallery community.
In its early years of operation, the Golden Bay Star enjoyed modest
success. But the ownership felt that better performance was possible.
They decided that name recognition was what they lacked. By 1982 the
ownership decided to affiliate the hotel with a national luxury management
company. The hotel and management company signed an agreement
that was renewable every five years.
For the next few years, the Star (as it is called) experienced record
revenue performance. The boom in the financial markets was reflected in
strong transient and group demand at high rates. The art market was
experiencing strong interest from individual and institutional inventors
from across the world. Auctions and other meetings were traditionally
held at the Star. All parties involved were satisfied with the arrangement.
By the late 1980s, accelerated hotel construction in the vicinity of the
hotel began to manifest itself. Properties of all product types and sizes began
to pop up all around the Star. Newly developed hotel concepts (the extended
stay and all suite) started to vie for the traditional business of the Star.
After several years of declining performance, the hotel owners began
to get nervous. They needed to know why they were in this situation and
how it would be remedied. The ownership sent a representative, Tom
Anderson, to the hotel to monitor the situation. Tom met with the hotel’s
general manager, Shelly Burns. Shelly had been at the hotel for 10 years.
She had been on board for the period of exceptional performance, so
naturally as the leader, she had been lauded. She was not used to being
in the position of having to explain poor performance.
Shelly Burns was a “hands on” general manager. She involved herself
in all aspects of operations and sales. She was so involved in sales
and marketing, she saw no need for a change. They had never needed to
advertise, and the sales office seemed to run itself. After all, she could
make those decisions if need be, so why incur the extra salary costs?
The senior sales person at the Star, Frank Nevins, had been on staff
since the opening of the property. He had long enjoyed a healthy relationship
with the local financial community. His contacts were renowned,
and he spent a great deal of time cultivating those relationships.
Tom asked Shelly to take a good look at the current state of the hotel.
He needed to report back to the owners and wanted a solid plan from the
hotel as to how it would improve performance. The owners were in the
fifth year of their current management contract and needed to act quickly.
He gave her one week to come up with a plan.
If you were Shelly, what would you do? This case presented background
on a fictional hotel, but these situations occur every day. As a group, or as
assigned, develop a plan for the Star. What factors should you take into

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5 Stars Help Me Find This Video Ill Leave A Picture?

Asian masturbating spied on

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How Can I Find Someone To Redesign My Website For A Reasonable Price?

I’m a beginning online store and need my website- redesigned in order to attract customers. Because scrapbooking is a small niche, most designers don’t understand the business. Looking for someone with knowledge of digital scrapbooking.

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How Would I Find A Girlfriend Who Is Into Bondage Like Me I Am A 18 Year Old Boy?

hi, I am a 18 year old boy who happens to be into bondage. for about 4 years now bondage has been in my life I stumbled upon it one night when I was browsing the web. back to my question, I am looking for that special someone who I will hopefully spend the rest of my life with. the reason the bondage part comes into it is because its a lifestyle and a very niche and secretive one at that. so how would I go about meeting people who are into bondage? the girlfriend bit will come later on. also are there any tips for a newbie like me.

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