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How Is It That Cnn Has Interviewed A Benghazi Attacker, But Obama’s Fbi Has Not?

Sept 12, 2012 President Obama
“We will not rest until justice is served”http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/31/politics/b…
CNN’s recent interview with Ahmed Abu Khattala, who Libyan and U.S. officials have described as the Benghazi leader of the al Qaeda-affiliated militia group Ansar al-Sharia — one of many groups that filled the vacuum of authority following the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi.
He has been described as a “person of interest” in the investigation, according to officials.
In that interview, Khattala told CNN’s Arwa Damon that he had not been contacted by any Libyan or American officials.
“Even the investigative team did not try to contact me,” he told Damon, referring to the FBI.
When asked whether he would be willing to meet with investigators if they asked, Khattala said: “Yes, no problem. …But not as an interrogation, as a conversation like the one we are having right now.”

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Are There Any Good Online Jobs That Don’t Require Experience?!?

No affiliate marketing bull or micro jobs that pay a couple cents to complete. I would prefer any job that pays according to how much I have completed; instead of hourly pay (but any good hourly pay jobs are great too).

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Cant Remember The Name Of That Youtube Vid?

it was a video my girlfriend showed me and neither of us remember the name, and I cant find it. it was every day words being spoken in different languages by people who were very accented and articulated with their affiliated language, and the last one was german, and it sounded rediculous in comparison to the others. The languages played in this order for every word; French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German. if anyone has seen this video, id be grateful for some direction

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Anything That Makes Your Skin Clearer?? .-.?

So I’m getting ready for middle school and I don’t wanna be known as that fat weirdo shy tomboy girl .-. So I used to weigh 130 pounds and now I weigh 93 I’m currently 11 years old. I have nice hair and I’m gonna continue being a tomboy but I mature fast and I wanna know anything I can use to make my skin clearer and get rid of dark circles? Thanks

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When Using Url Masking, Do You Need Access To The Server Of The Domain That You Don’t Want Showing?

As an affiliate for a product, I want an order form on my landing page. When the buyer completes the order form, I want the buyer to be taken to the company’s own checkout page (where they select how many of the product they want… and provide their payment info.) The problem is, I want those subsequent pages (checkout page and thank you page) to have my same domain and not show the company’s domain. How is it possible to code this? Essentially, the order form which will “live” on my landing page should be coded to actually be the parent company’s order form, but will simply contain my affiliate number in the code. Does this make sense… and is it possible? Thank you!!

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Why Is That In The Us, Politicians Affiliate Their Politics With Religion?

I don’t know why this often happens over and over again, its just simply stupid. Plus, politics are not so good anyway.
I’m a liberal Christian (and was happy that the LGBT marriage got approved), but I don’t trust either parties, Republicans or Democrats. I would often parody them as their animal symbols; Elephants, dignified but strict, intolerant of nonsense, afraid of mice (metaphorical) and drunk (on power or anything else). Donkeys, humble but stubborn, ridiculous, slow and foolish.
This is why I don’t like to involve my beliefs in politics, politics always corrupt. In fact the word comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to tell tales that aren’t true’

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