Reliable Good Paying Affiliate Marketing Sites?

Any good sites out there that I could list their products on my site instead of just linking through an ad.

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  1. Jonathan Phoon says:

    Hi there, currently from what i know, all affiliate website just give you the affiliate links and you have to put the link somewhere from them to click for example, a blog. The one thing you could do is the write a blog post on that particular product you are advertising on, and put the link at the end of your blog post so that someone could click on it and which lead to the affiliate product.
    However, the main problem would be targeted traffic to your blog. When will someone read your blog post. That is the main problems for all affiliate marketer out there. But there is always a solution every problem 🙂
    You could join some affiliate programs where they could help you with your problems, provide tools to make your marketing easier and even better!
    You can check this out, they are giving a free report on affiliate marketing. Worth taking a look. 🙂


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