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Web Design Is Lucrative?

Since the mid-1990s, there has been ever increasing demand for the technical expertise of Web design companies, which is directly proportional to the increasing demand for websites and e-commerce on the US market.
Does it mean that the demand for Web design professionals is now at an all-time high in the US market, which means that, even in the present economic downturn, there is still ample career and employment opportunities for people with the right skills, qualifications, and experience?
Also, is there a sufficiently high demand for governmental, interest group, educational, business and e-Commerce websites for the majority of Web design professionals to find their own niche in such areas of the Web design market in America?
In general, would it be correct to say that Web design professionals have skills which are more in demand than the majority of other professions, especially in the present economic climate of a recession throughout the entire world.
Will American companies recognize certificates and diplomas in Web design and development, which are obtained from a professional institute (which is neither a college nor university) in the UK or would US firms only accept the minimal standard of a bachelors degree in Web design & development from a UK community college, university, and other institutes of higher education?
As the Web design industry is ever expanding and the demand for different websites is currently at an all-time high in America, would it, therefore, not be appropriate to assume that now is the best time for ordinary people to buy a large quantity of stock in the most successful Web design companies to obtain a lucrative return to their investment in the next 20-30 years? Is it not wise to buy as much stock as possible to achieve economies of scale in terms of the interest earned on stock in such companies; and is it not the case that the price of stock will sky-rocket in the next 20-30 years as there is ever increasing demand for Web design and development in the US market?
Is e-Commerce the most lucrative type of Web design on the US market?
Generally speaking, is the career path of a Web design professional more or less enjoyable than the alternative career path of designing and developing video games for the US market?
Which companies are, at present, the most successful and lucrative Web Design businesses in the US, which are responsible for the design and development of the best e-commerce sites and other websites in America? Is the annual turnover, profit margin, and economies of scale of such businesses likely to be sustained in America for the next 20-30 years; and if so, would it not be a wise decision, in the present climate, to buy as much stock as possible to obtain a lucrative return to one’s investment in the next 20-30 years?

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In Terms Of Custom Websites, Which Is The Best Web Design Company?

As the title suggests, I’m in need of a website.
It’s an informational website with affiliate marketing… no e-commerce, which should make things much easier.
That said, which web design companies do you suggest?

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