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Essay Answer On How Was Communism Applied Under Lenin?

Lenin sought to implement socialist policies as soon as the Bolsheviks seized power. All land was nationalised, most had been owned by the aristocracy and the Church, and handed over to the village soviets, all large industrial enterprises were nationalised as were all banks. There were even debates about whether or not to abolish cash, to ban marriage and to disband the secret police and normal police and to replace them with citizens’ militias. However, the emerging civil war saw a dramatic change, War Communism was brought in to feed the cities and the Red Army. This was legalised theft of grain coupled with the mass conscription of young men into the Red Army. Alongside this were concerted efforts to educate the people about exactly what the new communist government would mean for them.
By 1921 the civil war was more or less over, and War Communism needed to be replaced, as the economy was failing. The New Economic Policy was a retreat from socialism, as small businesses were allowed to operate and both they and small farmers were allowed to buy and sell on the (free) open market.
The Soviet Union 1917 – 1991 by Martin McCauley
Soviet Politics in Perspective by Richard Sakwa

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How Do Girls Want To Be Approached At The Gym? 10 Pts For Best Answer!?

and how can you tell if they are attracted or creeped out (when you first make initial eye contact)??

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10 Points Best Answer! What Are Rock Pools? Are They Alive?

ok so im doing a science project and i need a little help. Is a rock pool alive? Since it’s a habitat for many organisms in the rocky intertidal zone, would it be a biotic or abiotic factor?

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Unbiased Answer Does P90x Work?

i want to get in shape and was thinking of using p90x but it seems like everywhere i go the people that say it works are either coaches or a website bought or owned by beach body can someone not affiliated with beachbody who has done the workouts themselves tell me if it really works as advertised im looking for an answered that hasnt been swayed or bought just looking for an honest answer thats not from beachbody or one of their bought coaches thanks

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Wrong Candy Wrong Bag A Actual Answer Vs Morons?

For the idiots that comment on stuff lets put this in exact detail dots are made by tootsie roll and sour patch is made by mandelo inc or whatever it’s called two separate companies companies not affiliated with With other so question for this third time …So I was eating sour patch kids today and I found a dot candy in the bag processed just like a sour patch kid . Now thing is dots and sour patch are two different companies they aren’t distributed together anything point being is they don’t ever come in contact so my question is I am horribly grossed out with this and my only conclusion is someone on the line or however they are made was eating dots and it fell from there hand or mouth or who knows what I am appalled and sickened can I sue for any reason… It doesn’t look like I dropped a random *** dot in there it’s candy coated just like a sour patch would be if you knew what both look like you wouldn’t even argue me on it . So any ideas

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Speedy Quick Answer Please…. Power Supply..?

Ok, the one I wanted was 48.17 GBP but required a land line for registration to the site…….
Here’s the alternative….http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/compo‚Ķ
Yes or No ?

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