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Can You Earn Money From Facebook By Making A Popular Page?

Like on YouTube. Where you can earn money from making good videos and people subscribing. Is Facebook also doing that with popular pages? If not can you name other websites that do?

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How Do You Buy Snacks/boosters In Criminal Case Of Facebook?

I have coins and I wanted to buy snacks which would increase my energy level but I don’t know where to go or how to buy snacks?

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I Am Looking For Advice On Marketing 2 Fitness Services On Facebook And Twitter. They Have 2 Different Niches?

I have to services that i wish to market as stand alone services. Although they relate to fitness, they are 2 different niches. I have one website domain name that i am currently utilizing for one of the fitness services. I do not have a domain name for the other service. I plan to market all of the services via social media and email marketing. I do not have the budget to establish another website for the additional service.
How do i market both services on social media platforms effectively without combining them and confusing one with the other?
I welcome all suggestions!

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How Do I Advertise On Facebook? I Have 136k Likes!?

I have a Facebook Fan Page that consists of 136k likes. 75% Female 50% 18-24. I know there are endless opportunities for people like myself with this kind of fan base but there’s one problem. The Fan Page that I have consists of derogetory content in the name.
That is my page, feel free to like it as well, what do I do next?!?! I have a completely open mind and am willing to work with someone and affiliate myself directly into your online social media network as well. Looking forward to your answers!

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Facebook Is Being Retarded, What Do I Do?

So when I log in it wont let me and it says “This email is not affiliated with this account.” I’m not too sure why its saying that but it is. Its been like this for 3 days now. I’ve contacted facebook about it but I wanna know if you guys have ever had this problem and what you did. Thanx.

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What Are The Difference Between Facebook And Other Sites?

What are the difference between billion dollar websites like facebook, yahoo and low or no earning websites that sell products or has affiliate program?
So, what is the main difference between real online “Magnets” and average people who try to earn money?
And what sites can make real money instead of few bucks and useless affiliate sites?

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