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What Are The Best Ways To Bring More Traffic To A Site ?

Actually my site is on education niche and its not having good traffic.Can any one help me to get traffic for this niche.Suggest me some good ways.I mean legit ways.http://www.howtoread.co.in/
Every Help would be appreciated.

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Forgot To Bring My Regal Rewards Card The Last 2 Times I Went To The Movies? What Do I Do?

It was in the past few weeks. I bought two IMAX tickets one week and two regular the next week, so thats nearly $50 in points I could’ve gotten. I know it’s my fault though so please no rude comments
Idk if it matters, but the IMAX tickets were purchased on Fandango and I printed the sheet and brought it there. It had one of those QR codes that they scan, as well as the ticket prices & a confirmation number. If I call them can they apply my credits to my account? I’m really upset that I forgot my Regal Crown card or whatever they call it.
Please help. Is there somewhere online I can do this? Or do I need to call? Please only answer if you’ve done this yourself or if you work for Regal or soemthing like that. Is it even possible to add the credit from the Fandango tickets? They are officially affiliated with Regal so it’s not like it’s some crazy illegal site I used 😛
Thanks for all the help!!! I’ll make sure I bring my card next time :p

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How Much Money Should I Bring To Japan? Where Should I Go?

I am going to Japan from August 1st to August 12th…so, about two weeks. I’m staying with friends, so my “living expenses” are covered. I will mostly be staying in the Tokyo area and plan to do a few day trips (Nikko, Kawagoe, etc.).
Looking for a general budget…shopping/souvenirs, food, travel (by train).
I would really not like to bring more than $500. Cheap trip suggestions, tips on inexpensive attractions, budget bites, or best kept secrets are also appreciated. My mother speaks and reads Japanese fluently so I’ll be able to find pretty much anything you suggest.
Desired recommendations:
– I’ve already been to Kamakura and will probably go again.
– I’m really into historical sites (pre-Western influence, “old Japan”).
– I would love to visit a public bath…hot springs would be great if there are any accessible nearby.
– I would love recommendations on the best shopping…trendy/bohemian shops, out-door markets are a plus.
– Any out of the ordinary, must-sees.
– A traditional tea house

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How To Bring More Traffic To My Website? Will Adsense Work?

I have a website and struggling with getting more traffic to my website. I’ve tried everything (I think). I heard something about adsense, that they will help to attract more visitors. Will it really help? What is a good tool to get more visitors? Would prefer something low coast or free. Thanks a lot.

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