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The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator

The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator is so simple and straight forward to use it will have you increase your web traffic in no time.

I also experienced what it felt like as a newbie in this internet marketing world but once I already knew which traffic generation method worked for me,I “leveled-up”.

But not in all my marketing experience have I used advertising in Google or any other search engine. I just couldn’t afford it and number two, I heard many people say it’s not effective.

Because of my budget, I stuck to the free traffic generation methods available and boy, was I glad to make that decision.

And so, the following are the few good traffic generation methods I have used, free of charge.

Article Writing

Based on my years of doing affiliate marketing, I already had a good grasp as to why article writing has topped the list of free traffic generators and I’m telling you it is and still very effective.

I just wrote about 5 articles per day containing 300-500 words, submitted it to ezinearticles or any article directories and pretty soon, I was in for huge traffic.

Go to forums

“Googling” for forums related to your niche market can automatically list down all the related forums for you. But, can you just choose those which has a few thousand members?

Once you’ve already decided then sign up, learn from it, contribute and once you are comfortable with it, you could start branding yourself as an expert there. Upon doing that, traffic is going to flow wild from these forums.


You know what’s the fun of being an internet marketer? It is when you are making a video and posting it to vid directories such as YouTube. Plus, major search engines love videos!

As a consumer, I would want to buy products that I have seen so get those cameras rolling!

Yahoo Answers

Go to www.yahooanswers.com and answer the questions that are related to your niche. As soon as you become one of the top contributors, your name will be recognized and trusted.

Not only that, people asking for help will consider the links you give as a reliable source. What a great way to generate traffic.

Free traffic generation is not for impatient people but if you are one of those, then you got to make patience one of your virtues. But I must say, you will never regret your choice of making traffic stay.

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What Is The Point To Automakers Having A Bunch Of Divisions?

I’m talking especially about General Motors, before they cut down. Many have 3, but why did GM of America ever have so many?
Up to 2004, I believe there was Saturn, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, Saab, GMC, Hummer. Forgive me if I’m missing any.. I know the strategy worked in the company’s heyday, but why in the first place?
They got rid of Oldsmobile in 2004 and more recently cut down to Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac. If it weren’t for Buick’s popularity in China, I’d say Cadillac could have more entry level Buick models, and Buick could be virtually expendable. GMC has almost all the same trucks as Chevrolet’s truck line up.. Why not just add trim levels to Chevrolet’s trucks? Hypothetically, couldn’t GM very well be Chevrolet and Cadillac?
Now, I’m not a business expert, but some of it didn’t make sense to me.. They said these 4 core brands “could build” all their models, i.e. GMC takes on Hummer’s niche, Chevrolet takes on Saturn and Pontiac, etc. But why did they have to worry about a division “being able” to build their cars? Why couldn’t they just change the freakin’ names? It’s a fair point.. And on the other hand, how does having fewer brands help an automaker? Is it just to solve an issue of identity and have less branding required? Hypothetically, why couldn’t they have taken 3 Pontiac plants, had one produce Pontiac, and the other produce two brand new but similar brands? It might sound ridiculous, and I don’t see the point to having a bunch of different divisions, but why is it such an issue? Couldn’t you just take 1/3 from one division and tell them they’re a different, but similar brand now?
So what was the point of all the brands in the first place? Was it like you start out in a Saturn, then you own some Chevrolets, then a “sportier” Pontiac, then you own a Oldsmobile in your middle-aged years, then a Buick, and finally a Cadillac as you get older? And why was there SO MUCH overlap? Many Chevrolets, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles were EXACTLY the same – think Chevy Venture, Pontiac Montana, Oldsmobile Silhouette, and even Buick Terraza. Why?! Then you have somewhat upscale Chevrolets like the Impala, but entry level Buick Skylark.. I just don’t get it. They built in each others’ supposed niches. And for the life of me, I don’t think I’ll ever figure out what Oldsmobile’s place was…
P.S. I like a lot of GM cars actually, and I’m not knocking the company, but I just don’t get it.

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What Is The Liklihood Of Being Able To Pin Point The Very Top Of A Momentum In A Financial Instrument?

Out of about 5 tries, what is the liklihood of being able to pin point the very top of a momentum in a financial trade? 😉
Please, be free with your answers, as I am sure you’ll see it’s a financial play on the words there… Free with your answers… Get it?! LOL!!!!!! < 3 bunny rabbits and 6 exclamation marks are for the Masonic Group Interpreters for King David and even the 36 Mafia, staying fly. So we had 4 to the number because of the new 3 and 6 coined, we have a lower edge to the new understanding until we can reach 5 or 7, and have the J code to plus 1 and we get our numeral that we need for the 31st day on the 1001st degree and the 1006th degree and the 1007th degree and we arrive at 451.J on that day by a passing of the secret algorithm. The point J can then be adapted to the position in the sun of the sky which will help attain legible accounting of the Emperor's clothes, 6 club and 9 club.

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Ucf Apartments (knights Circle, Point @ Central)?

Does anyone know if any of the apartments (knights circle or point @ central) are co-ed? or would you have to go to an apartment not affiliated with them?

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Do I Love God Too Much?

If I’m supposed to love God more than anyone, I don’t see the point of affiliating myself with anyone else. I don’t even talk to my parents. I just talk to God a lot. This is normal, right?

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From Whom Do I Have A Right To Privacy?

Is it only the government? As search and seizure laws seem to allow anyone “not affiliated with the police” invade your privacy to find incriminating information.
What is the point of forcing police to get warrants when we aren’t even defended against our neighbors?

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