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Does Anyone Know Any Flight Schools Affiliated With The Skills Funding Agency For Ppl? Uk?

I am trying to fight my way through the CPL route and will start with my PPL. I have received application forms for a £10k career development loan but am unable to find any flight schools that are linked with this. Please can anyone advise me on any flight schools that are affiliated with the SFA for the ppl?
Thanks in advance

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Can I Outsource Content Writing To An Agency?

I need to outsource content. Can I outsource it to a content writing agency without worrying about deadlines and quality of content?

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Need Help For Acting Career?

So i am 22 years old and just getting started in the acting industry. I have an agent. She had me come do a cold read for her, when I took my brother in to audition. She pulled me aside and asked if I ever thought about acting. I said not really because it doesn’t look like somewhere I would belong. She told me I need to look into it, and that I have a natural look, and natural energy.. so I went in a room and did a cold read for her. She asked me right after if she could sign me with her agency. I thought about it over night, and decided that a long time ago as a child it was a dream of mine. I thew it away after realizing that in this industry it seems so many people are slutty, crazy, or extremely narcassistic.
I told her this the next day where she said we need more healthy role models in society for examples, and as a refresher. As i agreed with her I signed, and have been training/working on different projects.
The question I have is…
Do those of you with experience, or just by your belief in general feel that I could be successful. I am a virgin, conservative ( not a prude),I am mormon but I am loving and accepting of all religions and people affiliated with them.
I won’t do rated R movies or sex scenes. Basically, my options will be limited for sure. Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on who I am as a person, and the industry. \
Do you guys think I would have individuals want to work with me/ follow my work in different show, ect..?
And one last thing. Do you guys feel holly wood needs more clean people? I”m for sure not Kim K, or anything like it. Not that she is a bad person, but I have different beliefs.
Any help/advice would help. Thank you sooooo much!!

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Shady Collection Agency Attempting To Collect Passed Sol?

My husband was sued by Cach LLC for zombie debt, but never knew he was being sued. We never received any letters or phone calls from them attempting to collect on the debt in the first place. We were never served a summons to appear in court – kind of hard to show up to a court date you know nothing about. Because we didn’t show up, Cach LLC was awarded a judgment against us for the amount of the original debt plus the cost of attorney’s fees and interest. Had we been contacted at all, I would have immediately sent a debt validation letter as the debt in question was passed the statute of limitations here in Texas (which is 4 years). Cach LLC would have had to prove that they legally had the right to attempt to collect this debt – which couldn’t have been proven as the SOL had expired. I then would have sent a cease and desist letter to bar them from further contact. However, they made no effort to contact us. Why? Because they knew the only way they had ANY hope of collecting on this debt was to successfully obtain a judgment. If you Google their name, the internet is chalk full of complaints against them and their affiliates due to their unlawful methods of attempting to collect. They didn’t want us to know about the court date because if we showed up and told the judge it was passed the SOL the case would have been thrown out. It was DEPENDENT on us NOT showing up. So my question is: what can we do now? I am going to lawyer up and request that the default judgment be set aside, but what will the process be like afterward? And if a judge rules against them can they continue their pursuit?

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Hi. Talent Agency Help?

Hi what are the best kid talent agencies (can be SAG affiliated or not) in LA ? thanks 🙂

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I Need Help Working In A European Country. I Am A Registered Nurse-midwife In The Philippines?

I don’t know the step by step procedure. I don’t want to affiliate with any recruitment agency, is it possible to actually ask for a sponsor who will be able to give me a job without doing that?, if yes, how is it done?

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