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My College Is Offering A Social Work Degree And Is Currenty Looking Fo A British University To Affiliate With.?

All our lecturers are qualified social workers with either masters or higher qualifications. The course is only at Bachelors level.

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Is There A College Mobile Sex Site That Looks Good?

I have been searching for a quality college mobile sex site for quite sometime and all the websites that I did find were really badly-made and not really optimized for smartphones at all. Does anyone know of an optimized site for this particular niche? Not like amateur blogs or whatever… but professional ones.

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College Information (colleges In Cali Or Study Abroad Programs)?

so, im starting to look at colleges and my guidance counselor at school wants everyone to do this paper thing to see if we really should go to that college, (best benefits, etc).
im checking out colleges in California because i really want to be away from Connecticut as possible. im interested in 1)Modeling (preferably for people who photograph “alternative” styles) .. maybe professionally and 2)photography.
The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco appealed to me, but there’s some questions that i couldn’t answer that i HOPE someone can on here.
ALSO,recommendations for colleges that offer study abroad programs that offer modeling and/or photography classes
1)do you have to take the ACT test?
2)what is the average GPA of a student to get into this college?
3)student life activities that go on at this school (sports,clubs,etc)
4)skills and abilities for photojournalism or photography in general
5) typical tasks of this career
6)most common work activities affiliated with this career choice
also, any colleges in So Cal or maybe Northern Cali that offer the career path of modeling??
i know im probably asking a lot but any help would be truly grateful.
ill love any of you that can help me xD
please and thankkk youu♥

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Which Us College Should I Pick For An Exchange?

I’m thinking about doing a US study exchange and have been given a list of US colleges that I could go to for one year. Do any of these standout as good colleges or ones that will provide a good us college experience?
Albertus Magnus College, Connecticut
Carlow University Pittsburgh PA
College of Saint Benedict/Saint Johns University, Minnesota
DeSales University PA
La Salle University Philadelphia
Loyola University Chicago
Saint Anslem College, New Hampshire
Saint Leo University, Florida
University of St Tomas, Texas
Centre College, Kentucky
College of Wooster, Ohio
Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina
Lindenwood University, Missouri
Carroll University, Wisconsin
College of Idaho, Idaho
Anyone have any ideas about any of the colleges, some more information on them would be great!

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The College I Want To Go To Only Offers The Subject I Want To Major In As A Minor. What Should I Do?

I want to go to Harding University, and double major in Youth and Family Ministry, and Linguistics.
However, they only offer Linguistics as a minor. I have looked at several other Christian colleges that are affiliated with the Church of Christ, and none of them have a linguistics minor, let alone a major.
Would it be possible to major in linguistics at Harding anyway? Say if I had special permission, or something? Or should I just minor in it, and try and go to grad school and major in linguistics? Or what? I don’t know what to do, please help!

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How To Get Discontinue College In First Year?

I am studying B.Tech (EEE) in an anna university affiliated college……I like to discontinue my college and study some other different science studies….I went through counseling …. How to discontinue my college ???? Is it easy and should I pay the fees for all 8 semester fees for discontinuing??????? Please help me???

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