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A Friend Offered To Make A Website For Me, And Asking Profit-sharing By Taking 50 %. Is That A Good Deal?

I have a great deal of knowledge on holistic healing, and know of some of the topic supplement companies in the industry who have a lot of integrity and provide excellent health benefits and improvements. I want to affiliate myself with several of them, and direct traffic toward my propsed site to begin gnerating income to live with.
The friend who offered to make the site is an IT computer programmer. He deals with top clients in New York and seems to really know what he is doing on the Net. He has a degree in it.
He has asked me to write 50 pages of material educating people on health. I love to communicate, so it will be fun to do and get all my thoughts out there to help people better manage all their illnesses. After I do this, we will look at adding various companies to the stie to direct people to high quality products.
He knows how to deal with the legal end of things, like disclaimers etc….if anyone tries to sue us for anything. He is going to send me a contract for us to work together.
WHat I was wondering about is a scenario where once he has everything up and running, if Im doing all the work after that, trying to direct people to the site, offering them technical support by answering their questions etc…..is it fair that he gets 50 % of all the income that comes in ?
I have never signed a contract like this. I don’t want to be greedy or ungreatful, yet I dont want to be taken advantage of either. Is it normal that once someone sets up a site for someone, and the other person is doing all the work to deal with the clients, that the computer guy who set it up gets 50 % of all the profits ?
Any suggestions in what things I should look for or what things I should ask for in such an agreement, and if 50 % is a good deal since i dont know anything about how to manage a site ?

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Affiliate Marketing Tips: What Products to Promote?

When starting an affiliate marketing business, perhaps one of the first things you will have to decide on is what products to promote. After all, the type of products you will sell is vital to your success. Selecting the wrong products will only just be definitely a waste of your time and efforts. While there is a wide selection of products to promote, selecting the rights ones can be a daunting task. Here are some important tips when selecting products to promote.
• Make sure that the product you will sell is worth its price. It is best to choose products that offer high commissions. However, choosing salable but inexpensive products may also be beneficial. Also make sure that the payout is reasonable enough and not just a waste of efforts.
• You have interest and passion in the products you will sell. You should also have enough knowledge how this products work.
• The products are from a reputable company.
• Do some research on the products. Make sure the products have gained positive feedback consumers.
• There is a wide market for the products. There should be enough number of people who will find the products useful.
• The products are useful and answers major problems. It is best if the products are a necessity.
• The products are unique. This will assure low competition and excellent marketing results.
• Choose High Quality Products. Every affiliate marketer knows that selecting the product to promote is a vital step to succeed in this venture. Selecting quality products really matter in affiliate marketing. To know whether the products you want to promote are high quality products as such products assure more sales.
• The company you are choosing to promote should provide you with marketing materials, such as classified ads and banners. Such materials should help you in promoting your products. Also, there are companies that even provide training on the best ways to promote their products. This should help you drive more traffic to your site and hopefully will make a purchase.
• You should be expert in the products or services you are promoting.
Choosing the right products is essential in affiliate marketing. While there are thousands of products to choose from, it can be hard to choose which product can help you make profits. But if you follow the tips above, you will surely have good marketing results.

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