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Freelance Content Writer Kochi?

I am looking for individual freelance content writer for kochi or any other places in India to join my content writing team and help me build my new business as an article production specialists. Must have considerable knowledge of internet marketing & have experience writing in this niche and capable of producing some kick *** content!
In order to be on my team you must meet the following criteria:
• Be good English writing person
• Good spelling and grammar skills
• Be able to deliver good quality content
• Be able to meet deadlines on time
If interested then PM me or just simply reply to this message. Thanks!
Thanks for checking out my post…
I need your urgent help… post your reply here…

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How Can I Post Bbc-owned Content On Youtube?

I understand their material is copyrighted. Is there something I can do to make it clear that I don’t own the content, nor claim to? I was thinking of something like switching off monetization (which I wouldn’t have put on anyway), or writing a comment in the description saying something like “this content is wholly owned by the BBC. I own no part of it.”
Thing is, I’m trying to post a clip from Top Gear. I know that they have their own YouTube channel, but I still see hundreds of other TG videos from people who aren’t affiliated with Top Gear or the BBC in general. Why are they allowed to post TG stuff?

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What Kind Of Content Can I Add To My Blog If My Main Information Is Directed To Pages?

i have a website that is laid out in such a way that my main content is on pages with a blog attached what kind of content can i fill it with if im in the dog niche for example

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Can I Outsource Content Writing To An Agency?

I need to outsource content. Can I outsource it to a content writing agency without worrying about deadlines and quality of content?

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Ps3 Won’t Let Me Play Downloaded Games?

recently my Ps3 won’t let me play my downloaded games like mw2 and cod4. Its says I have to re-buy it or something and when I go to the account it was purchased one to re-activate my Ps3 for downloaded content, it says 2 systems have already been activated for this account. I let my friend get a DLC once for Mw2 but that was all. Now it doesn’t work. Is there anyway to de-activate ALL the consoles affiliated with this account? Anything will help, thanks 🙂

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Where Can I Find Pictures Of “fully Clothed” Hot Older Woman?

There’s got to be some website for this niche right? All I keep getting is either modeling agencies or adult content, which is NOT what I’m looking for.

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