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Are There Any Good Online Jobs That Don’t Require Experience?!?

No affiliate marketing bull or micro jobs that pay a couple cents to complete. I would prefer any job that pays according to how much I have completed; instead of hourly pay (but any good hourly pay jobs are great too).

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Why Do Entry Level Jobs Require 3-5 Years Of Experience?

Every entry level job in finance particularly investment management and financial analyst requires 3-5 years of professional experience in those fields. I’m not out of college yet and i do work professionally in affiliate marketing currently, not investment industry. However, i also have high interests in stock market and investments, i also currently manage various assets of over $500,000 with mine, family members and friends capital. This may be my only upside but i don’t do it “professionally” in an office. Since i’m not doing it “professionally” in an office i’m looking for entry level positions that will in the future help me get work as a asset allocation portfolio manager. However, every entry level position i see looks for 3-5 years of experience. why is that? I thought entry level means beginning with no “professional” experience?

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Is Online Business System Require For Affiliates?

Let’s start with internet business ideas that deal with running an online retail business. Learning how to sell online is different than selling in the real world. Instead of dealing directly with people, you must write copy that converts into sales. – See more at: http://www.businessideasoasis.com/online-business-ideas.html

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Does Majoring In Medical Assisting Require A More In Depth Medical Exam?

I’m thinking about getting an associates degree in medical assisting. I know that the college requires every student to submit medical and immunization records and get tested for tb and a physical but the website makes it seem like it might require a more in depth exam. It says:
AAMA and CAAHEP accreditation guidelines require that a procedure be established for determining that the applicants’ or students’ health will permit them to meet the technical standards of the program. In compliance with this provision, a medical health examination is required of all applicants after acceptance to the program. Medical office affiliates require that this health information be current and on file before students are placed for their medical office externship experiences.
Has anyone gotten this exam for this major? What are they looking for health wise? Does this just involve drug testing or something?

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