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How To Write/get Unique Descriptions For Products On An Affiliate Website?

Hi everyone,
I am building an affiliate website which looks like an e-commerce website. I use amazon, cj and couple of other affiliate programs. The problem is I know google likes unique content, but how do you write a unique product description/review for each product when the brand is same? Maybe has different flavors or colors?
I am not sure if I am allowed to post links here. I would love to get some feedback on my new site.

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Where We Can Find Best Affiliate For Fashion Products?

We are offering affiliate program for our fashion and beauty products and looking for some fashion blog sites related to fashion and beauty or other related sites to get affiliate links for our web store.

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Which Is Good For Affiliates? Digital Products Or Physical Products?

Please share your opinion

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What Niche Is Better, Nutrition Or Eco-friendly Products?

I would say nutrition. Everyone wants to loose weight one way or another. Come up with a comprehensive weight loss plan, make a ebook out of it then bam! You got em!

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Any Tips For Selling Promotional Products (pens, Hats, Glasses Etc) To Help Build Businesses?

I’m new to this field and mainly doing a side project. Affiliated with Kaeser and Blair.

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Niche Tourism Products?

I need 8 motivators and push factors of demand for niche tourism products.
But I’m slightly puzzled… there are many niche tourism products so do I just generally give motivations for people to experience niche tourism? E.g:
– travelling for health
– culture
– education
– shopping
– food and wine
Can you give some more motivations?

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