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Instagram Help Please?

First time on Instagram… Don’t want to feel like I don’t have followers on it and very few pics, ya know?
So my twitter account has a couple thousand followers, pics and whatever. So my question is- is there any way I can affiliate/use Instagram WITH my twitter? Thx!!

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Please Help Me With This Sentence?

Tryst: an appointment, as by lovers; to meet. In Scotland the word refers to a market, but the Old French triste (hunting rendezvous) suggests that the Gallic hunters were not always after wild game.
a. The trysting place at the college remained a guarded secret among the fraternity members.
b. Martha came home very late from the tryst, bleary-eyed but happy.
Source: 601 Words you need to know, Fourth Edition
by Murray Bromberg and Julius Liebb, Printed in
the US (New York), unit1, lesson 9 (Time on Our Hands), page 41.
What does this (Gallic hunters were not always after wild game) mean in the text I have posted?
I can’t understand it especially (after wild game) makes no sense to me.
Would you please clarify it to me?
Thank you.

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I Need Science Help Please?

1. Most of the loss of biodiversity in ecosystems is caused by _____.
A water pollution
B illegal poaching
C infectious disease
D habitat destruction
2. When stores put products on sale, they are seeking to _____.
A increase demand for the product
B increase the product’s value
C sacrifice profits
D increase the product’s supply
3.Intervention by the federal government is necessary when local environmental policies and actions _____.
A exceed federal standards
B cannot be implemented
C are too expensive
D affect people in other states
4.Most home energy use goes toward _____.
A. heating and cooking
B. heating and hot water
C. hot water and appliances
D. washing clothes and cooking
5.Which describes a gene bank?
A. a secure place where seeds, plants, and genetic material are stored
B. an institution that provides funding for genetic research of endangered species
C. a place where endangered species are undisturbed by humans
D. the part of the cell that stores a blueprint for an organism’s traits
6.The lowering of the overall demand for a resource is called _____.
A. source recycling
B. conservation
C. source reduction
7.Developing nations complain that international environmental policies proposed by developed nations are almost always motivated by _____.
A. self-interest
B. contempt
C. religion
D. charity
8.Agenda 21, agreed to by participants at the Earth Summit, provides guidelines for _____.
A. sustainable development
B. preserving species
C. reducing CFCs
D. protecting forests
9.In today’s pattern of extinction, the generation of new species is unlikely because _____.
A. alien species occupy important niches
B. key animal species are being destroyed
C. most plant species are being destroyed
D. entire ecosystems are being destroyed
10.A sustainable society is based on _____.
A. demand for resources
B. conservation of resources
C. increasing wilderness areas
D. zero pollution
11.The United States buys $5 billion worth of rainforest beef each year.
Rain forest destruction is thus encouraged because _____.
A. rain forests are cleared to graze cattle
B. rainforest animals are forced to compete with cattle for food
C. rainforest soil is contaminated by cattle wastes
D. rainforest plants are consumed by cattle
12. In the last century, the extent of global rain forests has been reduced by _____.
A. one-third
B. one-tenth
C. one-fourth
D. one-half
13.The Endangered Species Act has been criticized for its emphasis on protecting only _____.
B. species
C. biomes
D. habitats
14. The products in our society that contribute the most waste are those that are _____.
A. disposable
B. aluminum
C. biodegradable
15. Why are scientists concerned that currently unknown medicinal plants may never be discovered?
A. Habitats are being destroyed faster than the plants can be discovered.
B. Current technology is unable to detect their medicinal benefits.
C. The plants’ habitats are so remote that they cannot be reached.
D. Domestic versions of the same plants will outcompete them.
16.Extinction results in _____.
A. many new animals moving into a habitat
B. greater opportunities for generalist species
C. loss of ecosystem biodiversity
D. fewer niches within ecosystems
17.Which does not lead to expansion into the rain forests of developing nations?
A. drilling for fossil fuels
B. overcrowding in cities
C. demand for rainforest products
D. shortage of food sources

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Please Consider Eating Less Meat!?

I know it’s hard , and American society has programmed you to laugh at the thought of it, but it is possible. Just remember, the food pyramid and school dietary guidelines are all made by top food industry affiliates. You don’t need animal products to be healthy, in fact they DESTROY your health but hey, how else would pharmaceutical companies make money? Please research more on what you eat. You have one life, feeling sick at the age of 50? You shouldnt be….Search Freelea on youtube, she gives GREAT advice.

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Where Have The Seperate Page Breakers Gone In Inbox View Please?

It was just easy to tick the emails you needed to delete on a page of just 28 emails but now that facility has been removed, please can I ask why ? Also when I do highlight the emails I like to delete by placing a tick in the box and when I go press delete, nothing happens and sometimes the delete button is greyed out? Can you help me please? Thanks Aamir

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Book Suggestions Please? :)?

Alrighty, I’ve definitly done my fair share of reading, but as of late I’ve been rereading books, can anyone suggest books for me please? Fantasy 🙂 I’ve already read the Harry Potter series, the LOTR and the Eragon books. 🙂

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